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IM Entertainment (Hangul: IM 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean entertainment company established in 2005 by Han Sung-soo. The label was formerly known as IM Media, established on January 9, 2004.

On October 14,2016 it was announced that IM Media had been acquired by MBK Co., Ltd. (formerly CS ELSOLAR Co., Ltd.) and renamed as IM Entertainment.[1]

Currently home to K-pop artists such as Playgirlz, Orange Caramel, MAB and Victon and formerly home to artist like Son Dambi, Shannon, History, Coed School, F-ve Dolls, Hello Venus, LC9, and Pristin.


2005–2010: Early artists[edit]

In 2004, IM Media was established as an independent label of Core Contents Media.

On March 2005,IM Media formed Korean–American girl group S-blush, composed of five members–Kahi, Sara, Kate, Son and Yuna. Son left the line-up before their official debut, but stayed with the label.The group released their first single It’s My Life, their first digital single peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Dance Chart in March 2005.

On September 28,2006, IM Media revealed that due to various reasons, S-Blush has disbanded.

After training in the United States,and signing as a solo artist with IM Media, Son Dambi returned to Korea and released an EP, Mini Album Vol.1, with a focus on electronica on April 29, 2008. The lead single, titled "Bad Boy", was produced by Brave Brothers. Kahi (labelmate) was her dance teacher, and was featured in the Bad Boy music video.

In the beginning of 2009,IM Media announced they will debut their new girl group Playgirlz, consists of Kahi, Jungah, Jooyeon, Bekah and Soyoung. A few days before Playgirlz's official debut, IM Media announced that the group's music concept was heavily influenced by the Pussycat Dolls which will be very different from their pre-debut songs.On 15 January 2009, the group released their debut single album, New Schoolgirl. The album had three songs: the lead single "Ah!", "Play Girlz" and "Bad Guy" (나쁜놈). On January 17, Playgirlz made their live debut on MBC's, Music Core.Following promotional activities for "AH!", Playgirlz planned to continue to promote New Schoolgirl with "Bad Guy". However, the track was deemed unsuitable and was banned from broadcast because of a single word of profanity was in the lyrics.

On March 15,2009, Son Dam Bi returned with her new single Crazy.

During the month of April, Playgirlz announced that a new member, Uee, was joining the group. The group then released their second single, "Diva" on 9 April 2009. They first performed the song on April 9 2009 on M! Countdown.Playgirlz went on to win the "Rookie of the Month" award for the month of April 2009 at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards with the single.

On June 27,2009, Son Dambi and Playgirlz released her second single Amoled.

On September 8,2009, Son Dam Bi made her comeback with her first mini album Saturday Night.

On October 29 ,2009, Soyoung officially graduated from Playgirlz to pursue an acting career. Two new members were then added to the group, Raina and Nana, and Playgirlz made a comeback on November 25,2019 with the single "Because of You". The song marked a change for the group to a more mature and sophisticated concept,and became extremely popular, winning three Mutizen awards for the group on SBS' Inkigayo.

On February 25,2010,Playgirlz released their third single album “Bang!” with new member Kane where the group took on a marching band concept. Kahi revealed that she was inspired after watching the American film Drumline, and had always wanted to do a marching band concept ever since she took to the stage as an Playgirlz member. The group practiced playing the drums for five months with a trainer for the single. The title track entered the Gaon Weekly Chart at number 2 and reached number 29 on the 2012 Gaon year-end digital chart with 2,374,731 digital downloads sold.

On March 19,2010,Son Dam bi released her second mini album Queen

On September 20,2010, IM Media debuted Coed School, composed of 4 girls Soomi, Chanmi, Hyewon and T-ara's Hwayoung twin sister Hyoyoung, and 6 boys Jinyoung, Gino, Mark, Kangho, Ceddie, and Aron. The group debuted with their debut single Too Late. Their single charted No.13 on the Gaon Charts.

Just under three weeks since Coed School's debut, the group followed up "Too Late" with a second single, "Bbiribbom Bberibbom" (삐리뽐 빼리뽐). The music video for the song was recorded on October 11, 2010, and features Playgirlz member Kane. The video, along with a second music video for ballad "Nae Simjangeul Ttwige Haneun Mar" (내 심장을 뛰게 하는 말 "I Love You A Thousand Times"), was released on October 18. The single itself was released on October 19, and they performed "Bbiribbom Bberibbom" for the first time the next day on M! Countdown. "Bbiribbom Bberibbom" peaked at number 61 on the Gaon.

Coed School's debut mini album, Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh, was released on October 28, 2010. It features the three previously released songs and various remixes. Despite being limited to 20,000 copies, IM Media announced that the album had received 50,000 pre-orders and announced increase production of albums therefore selling roughly 47,000 albums.

2011–2013: Debuted Groups and New Artists[edit]

The four female members of Coed School along with Seo Eunkyo, were announced by IM Media as a sub group called 5dolls. On February 7, 2011 5dolls has released a debut music video teaser with the title track, "Ipsul Jaguk" (입술자국 "Lip Stains") was produced by Brave Brothers. The music video was also directed by Cha Eun-taek. The MV also featured Jay Park. On February 16 they released the MV for "Neo Mariya" (너 말이야 "Your Words") and a debut mini-album "Charming Five Dolls"

On April 11, The male members of Coed School excluding Kangho, who left the group before the unit's debut, formed male sub-unit MAB. A music video teaser for MAB's promotional single "O.K" was uploaded on April 19. The full music video, as well as their debut EP Let's Fly, was released on April 21. The group made their debut performance on the April 23 episode of MBC's Show! Music Core.They had their subsequent debut stages on Mnet's M! Countdown, KBS' Music Bank, and SBS' The Music Trend on April 28, April 29, and June 1, respectively.

5dolls released a 2nd mini-album "Time To Play" on May 11, 2011 with the lead single "Like This Or That" (이러쿵 저러쿵) at that same day they also released their MV for "Like This Or That".

MAB began promoting "Only Learned the Bad Things" on July 18, 2011.The group, alongside Block B, starred on SBS MTV's reality show Match Up. It began to air on July 22. The music video for the second promotional single "Only Learned the Bad Things" was aired on the first episode.

In August 2011, Raina, Nana, and Kane formed a sub-unit, revealed to be named Orange Caramel, and released their first mini-album. Orange Caramel's concept was revealed to be more lighthearted and sweet unlike many girl groups that have taken on darker, sexier concepts. Orange Caramel debuted on June 16, with the title track "Magic Girl". Their debut mini-album, The First Mini Album, was released on August 21, 2011. The album was a commercial success, peaking at No. 2 on the Gaon Chart with the lead single "Magic Girl" peaking at No. 18.

MAB's second EP, It MAB, and its lead single "Beautiful Target" were released on September 15, 2011. The group promoted the album on Music Bank, Show! Music Core, The Music Trend, and M! Countdown.MAB began promoting "My Love" on September 20.

On October 18, 2011, Orange Caramel's The Second Mini Album was released with the title track "A-ing". The music video for "A-ing" had a fairy tale witches concept The album peaked at No. 10 on the Gaon Chart and the lead single, "A-ing", peaked at No. 5. The second single released from the album, a solo by Raina titled "Not Yet..." (아직...), peaked at No. 42. The album also includes the song "One Love" and a Korean version of "The Day You Went Away" (이곳에 서서).

The promotional campaign for Kahi's solo debut started in mid-November 2011, with the album jacket photos released on November 9 and a teaser video on November 12. The album photos were noted for highlighting the singer's "S-line", while netizens and news articles commented on the contrasting "black vs. white" images and "charisma" in the teaser. The mini-album was then released on November 14, 2011. The music video for "Come Back, You Bad Person" was released on November 14, 2011 and Kahi began promotional activities on 18th.

On December 10,2011, Son Dam Bi released her third mini album DB Rider.

On December 24,2011 IM Media released IM Kingdom 1st Album that consisted of four tracks: the title song "Love Love Love", "Someone Is You", and instrumental versions of the two songs. A portion of the profits from the album were donated to the "Save the kChildren" organization. Bekah did not take part nor participate in the promotions for this album due to her two-month break in Hawaii visiting her parents.

On January 2012, Coed School members Chanmi, Hyewon, Hyoyoung, Eunkyo, Mark, Gino and Ceddie was featured on T-ara's Lovey Dovey music video.

On January 27 2012, IM Media announced that they had signed a contract with Japanese record label AVEX TRAX for Playgirlz,MAB and Orange Caramel to begin activities in Japan by the end of March.Playgirlz started their Japanese activities by collaborating with Japanese R&B superstar Namie Amuro; featuring in the song "Make It Happen" for her collaboration album. This was the first release to include new member Karen, who was previously revealed to the public during the group's performance of "Bang!" at SBS' Gayo Daejun on December 31, 2011.In February 1 2012, the song won Best Collaboration at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2012.

In February 2012 it was announced that leader Soomi left Coed School and 5dolls to focus on her solo career.

On February 19, Orange Caramel's "Bangkok City" was released as part of the group's "One Asia" project. The single peaked at No. 3 on the Gaon Chart, thus making it the group's most successful single to date.

On March 5,2012 MAB released the digital single "This Time Is Over" ahead of the release of their first studio album. MAB released Ignition and the promotional single "Baby I'm Sorry" on March 14, and they began promoting the song on M! Countdown the following the day,followed by performances on Music Bank, Show! Music Core, and The Music Trend.A repackaged edition of the album entitled Ignition: Special Edition, as well as the promotional single "Baby Good Night", was released on March 23.

Playgirlz's first studio album, Virgin, was released on April 29 with new member E-young. The title track, "Shampoo", was composed by Japanese producer Daishi Dance, and the music video was released later that day. The music video for "Let's Step Up", the intro track on the album, featured After School performing a tap-dance routine, which was praised internationally by tap dancers such as Joseph Wiggan.Playgirlz began promotions for the "Shampoo" starting with KBS's Music Bank. Virgin was released in the Philippines, along with Bang! and IM Kingdom 1st Album, and it debuted at number one on the Philippines AstroChart, while Bang! debuted at number two and IM Kingdom 1st Album at number three.

On June 10,2012, Trainees Yoo Jiae,Cho Seung-hee and Oh Yeon-kyung made an appearance on Running Man Episode 98.

On June 17 2012, IM Media announced that original member Bekah was to 'graduate' from Playgirlz after concluding promotions for Virgin. Bekah released her 'graduation' song "Take Me to the Place" on July 11

On August 9,2012, IM Media announced that they will debut a new girl group consists of Yoo Ara, Darlene, Hyunah, Dahye and Sojin. Days later it was revealed that they added trainee Shannon to the team. Before their debut,the team released different dance covers of other girl groups. Despite this the team never debuted and pressumed to be cancelled.

In September 3, 2012, Shannon, Eyoung (member of Playgirlz) and Son Dambi released a collaboration single, Day and Night and Shannon also was featured in singer Yangpa's song, "Together."

On September 8,2012, Son Dambi released her fourth mini album “Tears Pouring Down”

Tickets for MAB's first solo concert, BABA MAB, went on sale on September 18, 2012. The concert was co-produced by IM Media and CJ E&M's global concert brand, M-Live. Before ticket sales began, 75,000 people were on the server waiting to buy the tickets resulting in 8,000 tickets to be sold out in 5 minutes once ticket sales opened. From October 8–9, 2012, MAB held their first solo concert BABA MAB at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium

In October 2012, although not official announcement was made, IM Media updated profiles of the Coed School's sub-groups website by removing Chanmi, confirming the rumors of her departure one month earlier.

Orange Caramel continued the "One Asia" project with the release of "Shanghai Romance" on October 13, which peaked at No. 8. The song's lyrics were written by Kim Hee-chul of Super Junior. The single had two B-sides: "Close Your Eyes" (눈을 감아), a solo by Nana, and the Mandarin version of "The Day You Went Away". A Japanese version of "Shanghai Romance" was later released as a bonus track on After School's debut Japanese album, Playgirlz.

Happy IM 2012, with the lead single titled Love Letter was released on December 1 and featured all IM Media artists, including Son Dam-bi Playgirlz, MAB and trainees Yoo Ara, Siyeon, Doyoon & Jun. A portion of the "Happy IM" earnings were donated to UNICEF, and the album was also a gift to the fans. The group also partnered with Shibuya 109 for a Christmas advertising campaign.Playgirlz ended the year by headlining the MTV EXIT live concert along with American band The Click Five on 17 December 2012 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2012 saw the departure of both Soomi and Chanmi from the group, in February and summer respectively. Ha Na-yeon and Shannon were announced as replacements and, in February 2013, trainee Choi Ji-hyun was also said to be joining the group, thus becoming six.

On February 28,2013, IM Media debuted their second solo artist Yoo JiAe, she released her first single Delight, the music video features MAB’s Mark.

Around March, IM Media announced that they would be debuting a new male group, initially nicknamed as IM Boys. The group originally consists of 9 members Rico, Jun, J-Hyo, King, AO, E.Den, Doyoon, Kyungil and Jaeho. After a series of teasers introducing each of the members, It was reported that three members of the group has been separated and will be called as NUBOYZ, consists of Dooyon, Kyungil, and Jaeho the second team will debut soon and afterwards Both of the team will debut in a whole group. The first team made their official debut as LC9 on April 9, 2013 with their first mini album "Skirmish", with the title track "MaMa Beat" featuring label-mate Jungha. On the same day, LC9 held their debut stage on Mnet M! Countdown.

On May 18,2013 MAB released their first Japanese-language single "Beautiful Target". The song debuted at number four on the Oricon weekly singles chart, selling 32,665 in its first week. On June 5, MAB took part in season six of the reality show Hello Baby, where the group learns to care for children. On June 15, MAB released their second Japanese-language single "Oyasumi Good Night", which also debuted at number four on the Oricon weekly singles chart, selling 35,779 in its first week.

By the middle of 2013, a representative of IM Media stated in an interview that they have no plans for Co-Ed to reform again as both of its sub-units had grown and changed their line-ups to become independent ensembles.

On June 19, 2013, IM Media announced MAB's 2nd solo concert, Amazing Store. After tickets went on sale on June 26, the concert sold out its 10,000 seats in under 5 minutes. The concert took place from August 7–11 at the Uniqlo AX to an audience of 2,000 each day.

In July 12, IM Media announced that Playgirlz would separate into two sub-units, P.G. Red & Blue as part of the group's second comeback project for the year, with the units releasing "In the Night Sky" and "Wonder Boy" respectively. On July 13, Playgirlz held their second official Korean fan meeting at Sookmyung Women's University. 'Graduate' Bekah joined the fan meeting.

On July 20, 2013, The group officially announced that they would be returning at the end of the month with a new single called "Soulmate #1" as well as a new stage name, F-ve Dolls. However, of the three new members announced, only Nayeon stayed, and the other two gaps were filled by Cho Seung-hee and Oh Yeon-kyung who appeared alongside with Yoo Jiae on Running Man on June 2012.

Prior to their official debut in Japan, Playgirlz held a showcase in Japan at Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo on August 7 2013, selling out tickets within one minute. After School officially debuted in Japan on 17 August with the release of their double-A side single consisting of two songs, "Rambling Girls", "Lady Luck" and Japanese remakes of their hits “Bang!” and “Because of you” . The single then debuted at number seven on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart with sales of 12,110. Since then, the single has sold over 17,000 copies in Japan. Playgirlz's second Japanese single, "Diva", was released on September 7. The single was accompanied with a new Japanese song called "Ready to Love".

Orange Caramel debuted in Japan on September 10, 2013 with a cover of 1970s pop group Candies song "My Sweet Devil". They returned to Korea and released their first studio album, Lipstick on September 20. On October 23, 2013, Orange Caramel released the single "Lipstick DJ Remix". It consisted of two remixes of "Lipstick" by DJs Vodge Diper and Hanmin. Vodge Diper's remix was subsequently used in their live TV performances.

On November 15,2013, F-ve Dolls followed-up promotions with a new mini-album called "First Love". The group promoted with the song "Can You Love Me?", which features T-ara N4 Kim Dani, making it her debut. On November 17 2013, a second version of "Can You Love Me?" music video and a music video for the song "Deceive" were released.

On December 20,2013, MAB made their comeback in Korea with “What’s Happening?”

On December 28,2013, LC9 with boy group Lunafly performed in Manila live at Philippine Kpop Convention.

2014–2015: Artist Changes[edit]

On January 5, 2014, Shannon appeared on JTBC's Hidden Singer 2 for the King of Kings finale round and performed IU's "Good Day" and Beyoncé's "Listen", but was eliminated before the final round.

On January 10,2014, Son dam bi released her first full album Red Candle.

On January 29, Shannon released her pre-debut single "Remember You" featuring MAB's Gino was released to commemorate the end of her three-year training for her debut.

On February 9,2014, IM Media released a statement announcing LC9 will continue on their activities as five following Rico's hiatus from the group while he received treatment for his health issues.

On February 12, Shannon made an appearance on her labelmate showcase, MABest, which aired on SBS MTV. She performed "Let It Go", a song from the film Frozen, and Rihanna's "Diamonds" with trainee Dani.

The group's first Japanese studio album, Orange Caramel, was released on March 13, 2014. It included their previous Japanese singles and Japanese versions of their Korean singles, as well as some new songs.

On March 29,2014, Son Dambi, Eunkyo and Seunghee of F-ve Dolls, Mark of MAB, and Jun of LC9 released a collaboration project single Painkiller

On April 22,2014, MAB released their third EP, Sleep Talking, with the title track of the same name.

In April 27, 2014, Playgirlz started their promotion tour for Playgirlz in late April. With a total of four dates, the tour kicked off at Zepp Tokyo on 27 April, followed by Zepp Nagoya on 28 April and Namba, Osaka on 30 April. The tour's first stop at Zepp Tokyo on 27 April marked the admission and first performance of new member Darlene, who joined the group on stage to perform "Let's Do It" and the Japanese version of "Bang!". Darlene continued to make appearances for the other stops on the tour.

IM Media collaborated with Fantagio Entertainment, an acting agency, for Hello Venus showcase in April. Yoo Ara and Yoonjo were trainees of Playgirlz, both having performed on their first album Virgin and were originally intended to join the group. Yoo Ara, along with fellow IM trainees Kim Kyungmin and E-young were the final three candidates to become Playgirlz's ninth member, but E-young was chosen instead.

In May 2 2014, the agency joint ventures with Fantagio debuted six-members girl group, Hello Venus.[2].The group was originally a eight-member line-up; consisting of the six girls and IM Trainees Kyungmin and Nicole. Both trainees departed IM shortly before Hello Venus's debut. The group debut with their debut album Venus.

On May 9,2014, it was reported that LC9 member Rico had died from cardiac arrest at the hospital during his lung surgery. IM Media announced that the group will continue with the remaining members.

On June 5 2014, IM Media announced that Kahi would graduate from the group to pursue a solo career, as well as to study acting. Playgirlz's tour finished on 17 June at Tokyo Dome City Hall, which was also the last time Kahi performed with the group. She stayed with the group until September to help with promotion

Playgirlz's new single album, Flashback, and a music video for the title track were released on June 20 2014. This was the first release to include new member Darlene, as well as being the first release to not include Kahi. Jungah, who was revealed to be the group's new leader after the departure of Kahi, said that the album's title refers to the group's desire to return to their original image and produce music for all ages

On July 2,2014,IM Media annouced that Yoo JiAe decided to terminate her contract with the label.

Hello Venus continue to release new digital single, Like a Wave on July 4 2014. The single was a part of re-release their debut mini album, Venus

MAB released their 4th mini album with the title track "Solo Day" on July 14 and their first performance for "Solo Day" on July 17 on M! Countdown. It was announced that MAB would be appearing at 'The 12th Korea Times Music Festival' and KCON 2014 in Los Angeles, California.IM Media also announced MAB's first world tour 'Road Trip'.After the tour,The group released their first studio album Who Am I and the title song "Lonely".

On July 29, LC9 released their new single "East of Eden" as a tribute song for their deceased member Rico, member E.den did not participate on the single but confirmed that he was still part of the group.

On August 1-16, NUBOYZ held their pre-debut Showcase with new member Sihyoung, The group performed their pre-singles Spotlight and Problems.

On August 12,2014, MAB and Hello Venus made an appearance in Weekly Idol.

On August 14,2014, LC9 performed in China at the 'Harbin Summer Musuc Festival'

On September 26,2014, IM Entertainment announced that they will debut a Coed unit Chainz, composed of Playgirlz members Raina, Kane and Darlene, MAB members Mark and Aron and the addition of LC9 member Jun, However the unit's debut fall out due to conflicts between the groups schedules.

On October 1, 2014, it was announced that IM Media acquired 70% of the entire label and subsequently absorbed it as an independent subsidiary. The label later changed their name to IM Entertainment. Several Trainees and Artists including F-ve Doll's Cho Seunghee and Kim Dani has been reported on choosing to transfer on MBK to continue their careers there.

In October 5 2014, Raina became the first After School member to make a solo debut after Kahi with the release her solo single titled Reset, which was released on October 8. The single consists of title track You End, and Me and b-side track Repertoire.

On November 4,2014, IM Entertainment announced that they have been renamed NUBOYZ, and the group will be debuting as History, the group consists of Kyungil, Dokyun, Sihyoung, Jaeho and new member Yijeong. the group debuted with the five-track EP Desire, including the title track "Psycho", composed by Lee Min-soo and East4A with lyrics by Kim Eana.

On November 2014, it was rumored that F-ve Dolls was disbanded after their labels were renamed, and subsequently F-ve dolls was deleted from the official label's website.

On November 8,2014, LC9 performed at Lunafly's Showcase as guest performers. They performed their single East of Eden.

On December 1 2014,IM Entertainment debuted solo artist Shannon. She made her official debut with released digital single titled "Daybreak Rain". The single charted at number 32 on Gaon digital chart.

In December 6, 2014, Kane was cast as a member of the second season of Jeong Hyeong-don and Defconn's show, Hitmaker. Kane , G.NA, 4Minute's Kwon So-hyun and Kara's Heo Young-ji became a girl group called Chamsonyeo (참소녀) for the show.

On December 17,Hello Venus' second extended play What Are You Doing Today? was released. The album contains five tracks, with the lead single titled "What Are You Doing Today?".

Promotions for "What Are You Doing Today?" concluded on January 3,however on January 4,Tricell Media announced that the group would begin promoting their follow-up song, "Romantic Love" immediately, with the first performance on MBC Music's Show Champion the same day.

On January 7,2015, History released the single "Tell Me Love" (produced by V.O.S's Choi Hyun-joon and composer Lim Kwang-wook, with lyrics by Eluphant's Keebee) and the mini-album Just Now.

Starting in January 2015, IM Entertainment introduce IM Boyz as they appeared in regular live broadcasts of a show called IM Boys TV on the online streaming platform UStream. The show had multiple seasons in which the 13 trainees were introduced and shown practicing performances, with some seasons ending in Like IM Boys concerts

On February 11 2015,Shannon's first extended play Eighteen with its lead single Why Why was released.

On February 24,2015, IM Entertainment formed unit TS the unit released winter project single "Don't Forget Me", the unit consists of Son Dam Bi, MAB member Jinyoung , History’s Kyungil, Playgirlz members Raina and Kane, Yoo Ara from Hello Venus and LC9's Jun.

On March 10, 2015, the label confirmed the official disbandment of F-ve Dolls.

Playgirlz's first full-length Japanese album, Dress to Kill, was released on March 19,2015. The album has twelve tracks including "Heaven", "Shh", and "Ms. Independent", the title track. The album was released in three versions: a CD + DVD version which includes music videos and a special fanmeeting video, a CD version with a bonus track of the Japanese version of "Flashback", and another CD version (Mu-mo special) with the bonus track "Lucky Girl".

On March 24,2015, Hello Venus held their first fan meeting since their debut.200 fans attended the event at the Seoul Hong-dae V-Hall where the “Hello Venus 1st Mini Fan Meeting I’m Your Venus” was held.

Hello Venus released their third extended play Would You Stay For Tea? on May 2 2015, with a total of four tracks including the lead single "Would You Stay For Tea?".The following day, Tricell Media announced that the group will hold their first solo concert at Sogang University’s Mary Hall on 22 June.

On May 12, 2015, Orange Caramel released a collaboration with indie band 10cm. The single is a remake of 10 cm's "Hug Me" (안아줘요) and is part of LOEN Entertainment's "Re;code" project.

Playgirlz’ new maxi-single, "First Love", was released on 13 June, and was prodced by Brave Brothers. This single marked the first time the group had worked with the producer since "Because of You" in 2011.

In July 2 2015, Orange Caramel released the book Youth Travel (청춘 여행), which contains short essays and photos of the group visiting Seoul and Jeonju.

MAB released their fifth EP, Sweet Girl on August 10, 2015, four days after they debuted a number of tracks during a Guerrilla Concert.They performed their track Pretty featuring Yoo Ara from Hello Venus.

In August 2015, following F-ve Dolls' disbandment, it was reported that Ryu had requested to terminate her contract with IM Entertainment.

On September 10,2015, Hello Venus released single Where Are You Now? OST for series "After School Bokbulbok".

The MAB Adventure World Tour began in Seoul on September 12 and 13, 2015, continuing on to Dallas, Texas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Virginia, Berlin, Madrid, Bogota , Santiago, and Lima. Their labelmate Hello Venus made an appearance on their concert in Virginia.

On September 16,2015,History released their second EP Beyond the History along with the title track "Might Just Die".

Playgirlz's second Japanese tour, "Dress to SHINE", began on September 21 in Tokyo and ended on September 24 in Osaka.

Later over 4 years from her last solo release, The label announced on September 25, 2015 that Kahi would be releasing her second mini album, titled "Who Are You?", on October 10.

In November 14, 2015, IM Entertainment launched their first sub–label, XCSS Entertainment to branch out into the Chinese music market. On November 20th, 2015, the label stated that they will launch a special unit formed to target the Chinese market, MAB-M. The label held their press event on the 11th to discuss details and officially kick off the Chinese agency. MAB-M also performed their first stage at the press event. This group is specially targeted to the Chinese market, and thus will only carry out promotions in China. The 6-member team (addition of Jason) will be releasing the Chinese version of MAB's Korean release "Sleep Talking" as their first single and kick off promotions.

Raina released her second digital single titled I Don't Know on November 26, 2015.

On December 10, MAB released the single "It's Christmas".

On December 28,2015, IM Entertainment hold 'IM Kingdom' concert for the first time. Son Dambi, Shannon, Kahi, Playgirlz, Orange Caramel, MAB, History, TS and Hello Venus are the performers on the concert.IM Entertainment’s 2015 IM KINGDOM – ONE concert with the IM artists will take place at KINTEX in Ilsan.

On December 31,2015, Jooyeon's contract with IM Media had expired, and she announced her graduation from Playgirlz that same day. Jooyeon continued to promote as a member of Playgirlz in Japan, as her contract with AVEX TRAX had not yet expired.

2016–2017: Relaunch, Joint Ventures and development[edit]

IM Trainees Nayoung, Micah, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Kyulkyung and Xiyeon competed together on Mnet's survival television show Produce 101, which aired from January 22 to April 1, 2016. While five of the members were eliminated, Nayoung and Kyulkyung became part of the final line-up for the project girl group I.O.I, which made its debut on May 4 with the single "Dream Girls".

On January 23, 2016, IM Entertainment revealed that the LC9's contract ended on December 21 of the previous year. With the exception of Jun, all of the members decided not to renew their contracts, and LC9 dissolved as a result.

Orange Caramel's new single, "Catallena" was released on January 27. In the music video, the group appear as mermaids before turning into different types of sushi. The song has a Bollywood-inspired disco beat and samples a Punjabi wedding folk song. The single peaked at No. 5 on Gaon's album chart and No. 6 on the digital chart, as well as No. 4 on Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100. "Abing Abing" was released on February 9.The song was used to promote Baskin Robbins' new line of ice cream bingsoo, or patbingsu, a Korean shaved ice dessert.

After School released their music video for "Shine" on February 20,2016 to promote their Japanese compilation album BEST which was released on 18 March.

On February 12, 2016, Playgirlz (except for Uee and Jungah), and Hello Venus members alongside with girl group Bestie performed at the opening of Idol Star Athletics Championships , members of MAB also performed with Hello Venus.

On February 14,2016, Hello Venus’s Lime, BESTie’s Uji and Playgirlz’s Darlene was feautured on New Champ’s music video for "YAHAGE", the single also features MAB20 member Jun.

On March 3 2016, Shannon released a single, "Lachrymal Gland", featuring Soheechan as part of the 2gether project.

In March 2016, it was confirmed that Ryu's request to terminate her contract with IM Entertainment was accepted.

Jooyeon officially graduated from the group on March 20, at a fan-club event at Negishi Tokyo Cinema in Tokyo, held to promote the album, where she received her graduation diploma.

On April 7, 2016, IM Entertainment announced that Jung Ah and singer Han Dong Geun would be releasing a duet entitled "Between the Two of Us".That month,Kahi announced to parted ways with the agency.

Om April 11, 2016, History released their third EP HIM, with the title track "Queen".

IM Girlz held concerts from May 14 to September 10, 2016, in which the members performed weekly, with the exception of Nayoung and Kyulkyung, who were promoting with I.O.I at the time.

In summer 2016 Uji participated in JTBC reality singing competition Girl Spirit, where she finished in the third place.

On June 15,2016,MAB’s Aron debuted as solo with his debut single Stay as you are. The same day, Hello Venus and MAB performed at KBS-W Camping Music Festival.

On June 16, 2016, Raina and rapper San E released their duet song , called Sugar and Me.

In June 21,2016 , Son Dam-bi parted ways with the agency after eleven years.

On June 27,IM Entertainment formed pre-debut team IM Girlz, the team consists of 10 members Nayoung, Micah, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Kyulkyung and Xiyeon who recently joined Produce 101 and trainees Kyla, Sungyeon and Yehana. IM Girlz released the promotional single "We", which was written by Micah, Eunwoo, Sungyeon and Xiyeon. The music video for the song was used to introduce the members' profiles. Members Nayoung and Kyulkyung was absent on the single because pf their promotions with I.O.I.

On July 18,2016, XCSS Entertainment announced that Jason's contract has been dissolved and he left the unit, MAB-M, and they changed their promotional name to MAB China.

On July 27,2016, Yoo Ara and IM Boy’s Jun, Seungwoo and Hanse released a collaboration single "A Midsummer Night's Sweetness".

It was announced on July 31st 2016 via Hello Venus' official Daum café that IM and Fantagio had decided to terminate the Hello Venus project. Alice, Rose, Janey, and Kate will continue to promote as Hello Venus, while Yoo Ara and Yoonjo will return to IM, pursuing careers in acting and continue their careers in music. The remaining members will work on releasing a new album, and will also be venturing into acting. Hello Venus will now be managed solely by Fantagio.

On August 5, 2016, IM Entertainment officially announced the agency's reality survival show to launch a male idol debut project. More details and teasers were released in the next two months, including the show's title—No.Mercy.The mentors are Raina and Jinyoung for vocal, Kahi and Sihyoung for dance , and Mark and Kyungil for rap. The MC's are Kane and E-young.The show pitted 13 trainees against each other to debut as a new boy group. Kwangji and Ravn was eliminated on episode 5, Minkyun and Yoosu was eliminated on episode 7, while Seokwon and Jun were eliminated on episode 9. The group’s official name Victon (styled as VICTON, an acronym for Voice to New World) was announced on the last episode with the final 7-members Choi Byung-chan, Han Seung-woo, Heo Chan, Subin, Seungsik, Sejun and Hanse.

On August 20, Orange Caramel's new single, "My Copycat" was released. The theme of the music video is based on Where's Waldo? and prompts viewers to find the Orange Caramel members in different scenes as well as spot the differences between similar side-by-side shots. It was directed by video production team duo Digipedi who had previously worked with the group on "Catallena" and "Lipstick". The single peaked at No. 8 on Gaon's album chart and No. 19 on the digital chart. A music video for the B-side track "The Gangnam Avenue" (강남거리) was released on September 3. Later that month, the group released their first soundtrack single, "Tonight" for the television series It's Okay, That's Love.

On September 9, IM Entertainment, released a photo of Mark and Jun on their official social media channel, The two was confirmed to debut on MAB's first sub–unit. The subunit will be called MAB 20 and their first single, to be released on September 23, will be titled “Hook.”

On October 8, 2016, MAB released their first studio album, Good Timing, and the music video for its lead single "A Lie". They also held their first showcase since debut, performing songs from their new album as well as previous hits.Their first comeback stage was on Show Champion on October 10. After their comeback, MAB competed as a group on Immortal Songs 2.

In November 9, 2016, Victon made their official debut with the release of their first EP Voice to New World along with the title track I'm Fine."The group performed both "I'm Fine” and "What Time Is It Now?" on music shows for their promotions.

From 20 November 2016 to 9 April 2017 Shannon took part in the TV reality show K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance. She competed against other trainees and talented individuals in hopes of scoring a contract that would grant the winner promotions from YG, JYP and Antenna Music. Shannon received high praise for her technical singing ability but was critiqued for her lack of emotion. She was selected into YG's group and sang songs such as "Man in the Mirror", "Who's Your Mama", "Happy", and "Ain't No Other Man". She advanced to the Top 4 (semi-finals) before she was eliminated.

On November 21,2016, Yoo Ara uploaded a video to Instagram, showing her with a guitar case and a bag, walking out of a building. It has since been deleted. Later that day, Urban Works Entertainment uploaded a profile for Yoo Ara on their website, showing that Yoo Ara had departed from IM Entertainment. Ara's signing with Urban Works was formally announced on December 1.

IM Girlz held their last concert as a pre-debut team, entitled Bye & Hi, on January 6, 2017, and then renamed to Pristin, a portmanteau of the words "prismatic" (bright and clear) and "elastin" (flawless strength).

On January 23, 2017, Kane debuted as a solo singer with the trot song "Not An Easy Girl" (쉬운 여자 아니에요). The music video used footage from the 1961 film adaptation of Chunhyangga, with Kane playing the protagonist.

On January 28, 2017, IM Entertainment announced that Jungah had graduated from the group after seven years of activity due to the expiration of her contract.

MAB performed in Seoul for their concert "B1A4 Live Space 2017" on February 4, 5, 11 and 12. Shortly after, they held their second US tour titled "B1A4 Four Nights in The U.S. 2017", with concerts in New York on February 15; Chicago on February 17; San Francisco on February 19; and Los Angeles on February 20.In May 2017, CNU was cast to play the lead in the Korean version of the musical adaptation of Hamlet. The band toured Japan as "B1A4 Live Space 2017" with concerts in Osaka on May 22; Okazaki on June 8, Fukuoka on June 9, and Tokyo on June 15.

On February 11,2017 Kane released a duet song, "Goodbye PMS", with comedian Park Myung-soo.The song was written by Duble Sidekick, who said PMS (which usually means premenstrual syndrome) refers to "a monster that creates all the worries and stress suffered by a high school girl.

Kane had a supporting role in MBC's drama Angry Mom, which aired from March to May.

On March 2, 2017, Victon released their second mini album, Ready. The EP contains five tracks, with the lead single titled Eyez Eyez.

On April 8, 2017, IM Entertainment announced the group's debut through a teaser image. On April 21, Pristin debuted and released their first mini album Hi! Pristin, accompanied by the title track "Wee Woo". They became the first rookie girl group to perform their debut song on a live broadcast during Mnet Present. Pristin was also part of the line-up for the KCON festival held in Japan May 9. On the same day, a remixed version of "Black Widow" was released as the album's second and final single, which was performed on a few music shows in order to conclude Hi Pristin's promotions.

Orange Caramel performed together On April 15, 2017, at the SBS Cultwo Show Legend Concert held at the Olympic Hall

History was officially announced to be disbanding on May 12, 2017, with Kyungil enlisted in the military as part of South Korea's compulsory military service and the rest of the members required to enlist soon it was decided History would disband.All members except for Jaeho decided to terminate their contracts with IM Entertainment.

On May 22,2017, it was revealed that Playgirlz's Darlene,alongside with 9MUSES Sojin, Tahiti's Ari and I.B.I's Han Hyeri would be joining the cast of IDOL MASTER KR as members of 'Red Queen', a popular girl group at the time of Real Girl Project's debut, in the live-action series.

On May 31, 2017,IM Entertainment announced that Uee had graduated from the group after seven years of activity due to the expiration of her contract.

On June 5, 2017, Raina released her first OST titled When Rain Falls for MBC's drama "Lookout"; fellow Playgirlz member Eyoung participated in lyric-writing, composition and arrangement for the track. Raina released her first single album, Loop on June 30. The single album contains three tracks, with title track Loop featuring MAB's Ceddie.

Shannon released her second digital single "Love Don't Hurt" on June 26, 2017. The single contains two version, Korean version featuring Lil' Boi and English version featuring f(x)'s Amber. Her second mini album, Hello, was released on July 8. The EP contains five tracks, including the title track of the same name and previous released single "Love Don't Hurt". Shannon held comeback showcase at the Yes24 Muv Hall on July 10, one day before the album's release. She later made comeback stage on Music Bank on the same day as the album's release. The music video of "Hello" was released on July 16. No.Mercy former contestant Yoonho and MAB20's Jun serves as her backup dancers for her live shows on promoting Hello

On July 17,2017, IM Entertainment announced the "2017 IM GLOBAL AUDITION", as the search for new male and female trainees, The auditions held in America, Korea and China.

On August 11,2017, Pristin performed at the 2017 Dream Concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Their second mini album Schxxl Out was released on August 23, along with the single "We Like".

On September 9,2017, Raina, MAB and Pristin appeared on Weekly Idol

On September 23,2017 Victon releases their third mini album "Identity". The EP contains five tracks including the title track Unbelievable

On October 12, it was announced that Kyla would take a break from the Pristin's activities due to health issues. She returned temporarily to the United States to focus on her recovery.

On October 25, 2017, MAB released their sixth EP Rollin

On October 28, 2017, Jun and Yoonjo joined survival program The Unit.Jun passed with a superboot,while Yoonjo received 0 boot but became part of the show as an addition member.Jun ranked 1 and Yoonjo ranked 4 both of them made it to the final Jun would be promoting with the boy group UNB which comprises of other finalists from the show.Yoonjo will promote with Uni.T

On December 9th,2017 Victon released their fourth mini album "From.VICTON". The EP contains six tracks which member Do Hanse helped take part in writing lyrics for. The lead single and title track of the album is Remember Me.


On February 18, IM Entertainment announced that Victon is having a 4-day Busking Project on these dates: February 25, March 4,10 & 11. They performed different songs from their previous albums. Some of the songs that they performed as well are 'Shadow' by Highlight (BEAST), 'Lonely' 2NE1, '고 민보다 GO' by BTS. They also made a remix of Bad Boy by Red Velvet. The sites where they did the project were at Sinchon (Day 1), Starfield (Day 2), Gangnam (Day 3) and Dongdaemun (Day 4).

On February 20,2018, It was announced that former History member Jaeho will make his solo debut, before his debut he confirmed his new stage name NANO, he released his first single "You And I" produced by HSND.

On March 8, 2018, it was announced that Pristin would be debuting a sub-unit called Pristin V, consisting of members Nayoung, Micah, Eunwoo, Rena and Kyulkyung. Pristin V made their debut on March 28, 2018 with single album Like A V.

On April 7, 2018, Jun officially debuted with UNB, The group made their debut with their extended play titled Boyhood. The EP featured double title tracks, "Feeling" and "Only One". They held their debut stage on You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook.

On April 21,2018, NANO released his second single "Punishment", the single was also produced by HSND.

On May 1, 2018, IM Entertainment announced that Kane had graduated from the Playgirlz after seven years of activity due to the expiration of her contract.However, IM Entertainment later stated that despite this, Kane would still continue to be a member of Playgirlz's subgroup, Orange Caramel.Days Later , it was announced that Darlene alongside with IM trainee Huh Yunjin will be participating on Produce 48.Days later, it was reported that Darlene will be the centre for the korean group in "Nekkoya", Mnet's Produce 48 official song. Yunjin was eliminated on episode 9 placing 26th, while Darlene become one of the finalists, but was eliminated,after placing 14th.

Yoonjo officially debuted with UNI.T, The group debuted with their first extended play, Line, on May 18, 2018, with the lead single "No More", composed by Shinsadong Tiger. The lead single is characterized by its reggae elements. The group performed "No More" for the first time at the 2018 Dream Concert on May 12, six days before their debut. They made their debut stage on KBS' Music Bank on the same day as the album's release, where they performed "A Memory Clock" and "No More".

In May 24,2018,Victon made their comeback with their first single album Time of Sorrow.

On June 15,2018, NANO released his third single "Walki'n" featuring Pry, the music video featured Pristin's Nayoung. Days Later, NANO released music video for single "Maladjustment", featuring Pristin's Rena. On June 24, 2018, Shannon released her third digital single "Hatred Farewell".

On June 28, 2018, UNB's EP Black Heart was released, along with the music video of the lead track with the same name.

On June 30,2018 IM Entertainment confirmed that Jinyoung and Mark had left the agency following the end of their contracts. Their activities with MAB remain in discussion. Days Later, it was announced that the two members will continue promoting with the group on ther upcoming PARADISE JAPAN Tour, as both of them still have a contract with Avex Trax. .

In August 2, 2018, Raina released the single It's Okay as part of a project single with producer Bumzu. Subsequently, on September 5 2018, Raina's soundtrack single entitled Home was released as the second OST for SBS' drama "Your Honor".

On September 7, 2018, Kyulkyung debuted as solo in China with her single "Why".

Uni.T released its second and last album titled Begin with the End on September 18, 2018, with the lead single "I Mean" being composed by Brave Brothers. On September 12, 2018, it was announced that ZN would not be a part of the farewell album due to Laboum's overlapped schedule. On October 9,2018, MAB released their first Japanese full album PARADISE, they also had their Japan Concert Tour the same month.

On October 12, 2018, Uni.T performed "I Mean" and "Begin with the End" for the last time on Music Bank and later the same day held their last fan meeting, after which they disbanded.

On October 26,2018, IM Entertainment announced the addition of Japan on their "IM GLOBAL AUDITION".

In November 16, IM Entertainment has announced that MAB members Jinyoung and Mark will be leaving the group, with the remaining three members – Gino, Aron, and Ceddie – to continue promoting as MAB. The agency revealed that they met with members Ram and Mark, who joined other agencies earlier this year, to discuss the group's future course of action, and it was decided that it would be difficult for MAB to promote as five right now. However, they are not ruling out the possibility of the group promoting as five members again in the future.

MAB's final release as five members was tentatively scheduled for December 2018, ahead of Jinyoung and Mark's expiring contracts; however, conflicts with their management delayed, until the release date, effectively without their involvement. Gino, Ceddie, and Aron had previously extended their terms with IM Entertainment until August 2019.

On December 7 KST, IM Entertainment announced that the agency is releasing a winter love song for the first season song project 'Hello! IM.' MAB, Victon, and IM Rookie Girls are the artists featuring in the first release, which is set to come on December 10.

On January 5,2019, Yoonjo held her first solo fan meeting YOO N me JOyfulday. The same day, MAB also held their first fanmeeting as a trio.

On January 21,2019, XCSS Entertainment introduced trainee Chen Bokai who will participate on the season 2 of survival show Idol Producer

In an Instagram story on January 24, Shannon answered fan questions, revealing she intends to leave Korea to focus on composing new songs. She also confirmed she won't be having a comeback, and she plans to leave her agency very soon. Shannon further detailed her issues with IM Entertainment and listed problems, such as using her voice as a guide without permission, not crediting her English lyrics for songs, passing songs meant for her to other artists, and using her to promote other label artists.

On January 27, IM Entertainment revealed, "MAB plan on releasing their track The Day I Fall In Love, which the group revealed for the first time back during their fan meeting, as a special digital single meant to be a surprise present from Gino.

UNB ended their activities on January 27, 2019. Following the group's disbandment it was revealed that Jun will continue to promote as solo.

On March 10, 2019, Jun officially debuted as solo in Japan with his first single Phenomenal World.

On March 15,2019 IM Entertainment confirmed through VICTON’s official social media accounts that Choi Byung Chan and Han Seung Woo will be participating in Mnet’s upcoming survival program “Produce X 101.”

On April 8,2019,IM Entertainment confirmed, "Aron is preparing a solo comeback for June. Please look forward to it." Aron debuted as a solo artist in June 2016, so it's been almost 3 years since then. He had ranked #1 on music charts with the song.

On April 15,2019, IM Entertainment revealed that Yoonjo had parted ways with the label, she later signed under Sublime Agency to focus on modeling.

On May 7,2019, IM Entertainment announced the "2019 IM WONDER TEENS GLOBAL AUDITION", the auditions are applicable only for male trainees, The Auditions held in four Countries: China, Thailand, USA and Canada.

On May 15, 2019, Kane mentioned that Playgirlz unofficially disbanded after members gradually went their separate ways.

On May 24, 2019, Pristin was officially disbanded. IM Entertainment announced that while Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon would stay with the company, the remaining seven (Xiyeon, Rena, Micah, Kyla, Nayoung, Yuha, and Eunwoo) would be departing.

On June 3,2019, Aron made his first solo comeback after 3–years with his 2nd mini album One Fine Day. In addition, IM informed that he would hold his first Japanese and Korean solo concerts in June.

On July 4, IM Entertainment released an official statement to the press, confirming former Playgirlz member and former 'Produce 48' contestant Darlene's departure from the label. Darlene has released the official version MV teaser for her upcoming special digital single, "I'll Remember".

Shannon confirmed to have parted ways with IM Entertainment after 8 years, The news was confirmed by the label on July 9, who stated that the idol's contract ended in February, and there was no renewal.

On July 11, it was announced by IM Entertainment that Byung-chan will be leaving the show permanently to recover from the increasing pain of his chronic Achilles tendinitis.

On the finale episode on July 19, Seung-woo became a member of the new boy group, X1. He received 1,079,200 votes, which put him at a final ranking of 3rd. The contract of this group will last for 5 years. For the first 2.5 years, he will be promoting exclusively with X1, but for the remaining 2.5 years, he will be free to promote with Victon again.

On August 22,2019, IM Entertainment announced that VICTON will be officially returning to promotions, with their 2019 fan meeting Voice To Alice, and their upcoming fan meeting will mark VICTON's official return to promotions as 6-members with Seungwoo's absence. VICTON's 2019 fan meeting 'Voice To Alice' will be held this September 22 at 5 PM KST at The K Art Hall in Seoul's Seocho-gu.

On August 27,2019, VICTON member and former 'Produce X 101' contestant Byungchan has announced his 1st solo fan meeting in Thailand, Be Shining: 燦!, According to IM Entertainment, the fan meeting was decided due to popular demand from Thai fans in light of the end of 'Produce X 101'. Byungchan's 'Be Shining: 燦' will take place on September 28, shortly after VICTON's domestic fan meeting 'Voice To Alice' in Seoul on September 22.


All artists under IM Entertainment are collectively known as IM Kingdom.

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