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Ian Balfour is a professor of English at York University.[1]


Balfour's scholarship includes work on Romanticism and Idealism. He is a recognized expert in postmodern critical theories and deconstruction, having done his graduate training under Jacques Derrida and Paul de Man.

In his award winning book Rhetoric of Romantic Prophecy[2], he examines prophecy in the Romantic era in England and Germany. Taking Walter Benjamin’s thinking about history as a point of departure, he shows how the model for Romantic prophecy emerges less as a prediction of the future than as a call to change in the present, even as it quotes, at key turns, texts from the past. After surveying developments in eighteenth-century biblical hermeneutics, as well as the numerous instances of prophetic eruption in Romantic poetry, the book culminates in close readings of works by Blake, Hölderlin, and Coleridge.

Balfour co-edited a book with Atom Egoyan[3] and two special issues of the journal SAQ, on Human Rights, and on Deconstruction.[4][5]

He is currently writing a volume on the Sublime.[6]


  • Ph.D. Yale University
  • M.A. University of Toronto
  • B.A. York University


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