Her Secret Weapon

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Her Secret Weapon
Her Secret Weapon Official Poster.jpeg
Left to right: Daeun, Dahye, Minhee, Yerin, Jisoo, Alice, Sihyun, Solbin, Jei, and Daye
Also known as
  • The Secret Weapon
  • The Secret Weapon, Her
Created byMBC Every 1
Presented by
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of series1
No. of episodes12
Original networkMBC Every 1
Original releaseJune 19 (2015-06-19) –
August 28, 2015 (2015-08-28)
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Her Secret Weapon (Korean비밀병기그녀, also called The Secret Weapon and The Secret Weapon, Her) is a 2015 South Korean reality show that focuses on members of lesser-known K-pop girl groups. The show explores what it is that turns people into fans of a certain girl group or individual idol by exposing the charms or "secret weapons" of each contestant. As ten contestants show off their hidden talents and charms through competition, their rankings in various missions are decided by a panel of ten judges who were reporters, industry experts, and passionate girl group fans. The show premiered on June 19, 2015, on MBC Every 1.[1][2]


Beginning June 5, 2015, MBC Plus Media began teasing members of the show's cast, releasing a new member's identity every few days and eventually releasing a video trailer for the show as a whole. On June 17, 2015, a poster of all ten contestants was released on social media.

The show is hosted by Defconn, Jang Su-won, and Boom and features Yerin (GFriend), Dahye (BESTie), Alice (Hello Venus), Solbin (LABOUM), Sihyun (SPICA), Daye (Berry Good), Jisoo (TAHITI), Minhee (STELLAR), Jei (Fiestar), and Daeun (2EYES).[3]

In the fifth episode, Yerin, Minhee, Jei, and Daye were eliminated. They were then given the choice to stay or leave the show. Yerin and Minhee chose to stay, while Jei and Daye chose to be replaced by a group mate. In the sixth episode, Taeha became the Berry Good representative and Cao Lu became the Fiestar representative.[4]


Episode 1
Aired: June 19, 2015
Role Model: Suzy (of miss A)

Episode 2
Aired: June 26, 2015
Role Model: Hyuna (of 4Minute)

Episode 3
Aired: July 3, 2015
Role Model: IU

Episode 4
Aired: July 10, 2015
Role Model: CL (of 2NE1)

Episode 5
Aired: July 17, 2015
Role Model: CL (of 2NE1) (Cont.)

Episode 6
Aired: July 24, 2015
Role Model: Soyou (of Sistar)

Episode 7
Aired: July 31, 2015
Role Model: Soyou of Sistar (cont.)

Episode 8
Aired: August 7, 2015
Role Model: Hyeri (of Girl's Day)

Episode 9
Aired: August 14, 2015
Role Model: Hyeri (of Girl's Day) (cont.)

Episode 10
Aired: August 21, 2015
Role Model: Hyeri (of Girl's Day) (cont.)

Episode 11
Aired: August 28, 2015
Role Model: Goo Hara (of KARA)

Episode 12
Aired: September 4, 2015
Role Model: Goo Hara (of KARA) (cont.)

Contestant rankings[edit]

Order Episode
1 2 3 4 5* Mid-term
6 7 8–10*** 11 12**** Final
1 Sihyun Dahye Yerin Alice Jisoo Dahye Dahye Dahye Daeun Solbin Minhee Dahye
2 Daeun Daeun Daeun Dahye Solbin Daeun Caolu Caolu Dahye Minhee Daeun
3 Daye Minhee Dahye Jei Alice Alice Taeha Sihyun Caolu Yerin Jisoo
4 Dahye Alice Daye Daeun Dahye Jisoo Jisoo Daeun Jisoo Caolu Caolu
5 Jisoo Jisoo Sihyun Sihyun Jei Solbin Sihyun Taeha Minhee Jisoo Sihyun
6 Solbin Jei Solbin Solbin Daye Sihyun Daeun Alice Sihyun Sihyun Solbin
7 Alice Sihyun Alice Jisoo Minhee Yerin Solbin Jisoo Solbin Daeun Taeha
8 Yerin Solbin Minhee Daye Sihyun Minhee Minhee Solbin Taeha Alice Minhee
9 Jei Yerin Jisoo Minhee Daeun Daye Alice Minhee Alice Dahye Alice
10 Minhee Daye Jei Yerin Yerin Jei Yerin Yerin Yerin Taeha Yerin
* combined scores of episode 4 and 5 events
** Combined scores of episodes 1-5. Originally, the bottom five were to be eliminated. After the tie for 5th place, this became the bottom four.
*** Combined scores of episodes 8-10.
**** The 2-10 rankings for this episodes were not announced.
§ Final overall placing for the show; the 1st place contestant in this lineup is the show's ultimate winner.
     These contestants tied for second place.
     These contestants tied for third place.
     These contestants tied for fifth place.
     These contestants tied for sixth place.
     These contestants tied for seventh place.
     These contestants tied for eighth place.
     These contestants were eliminated, but chose to continue with the show.
     These contestants were eliminated from competition and replaced with their group mates.
     This contestant replaced their group mate after they were eliminated.
     This contestant was absentee for ranking.


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