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Hegelmann Group
IndustryLogistics & Transportation
Founded1998 in Bruchsal, Baden-Wurtemmberg, Germany
FoundersGeorg, Waldermar and Alexander Hegelmann
Area served
Key people
Siegfried Hegelmann (CEO) Anton Hegelmann (CEO)
Revenue400.000.000€ (2018)
Number of employees
4000 (2019)

Hegelmann Group, or just Hegelmann, is a German multinational logistics service provider based in Bruchsal, Germany with specialization in flexibility and express transport services. The company boasted an impressive growth of 900% from 2010 to 2017.[1], which makes it one of Europes fastest growing logistics companies. This accomplishment and the continious growth was and is achieved by constantly increasing the size of their fleet (MAN[2], Mercedes-Benz[3], DAF[4]), their span of services and by opening of new offices[5] and warehouses[6] in Europe.


In 1990 the Russian-German Hegelmann family moved from Kazakhstan to Germany. Before emigrating, Georg Hegelmann, one of the founders, had already worked as a driver during the Soviet era. In his early German years he was a driver as well, until his employment company at that time got relocated and he lost his job. At that moment he decided to start his own logistics company together with his brothers.[7] In 2004, after early smaller business expansions in Portugal and Poland, Hegelmann opened their first office in Lithuania. With a new establishment in Poland in 2011 and the introduction of the new CEOs Siegfried and Anton in 2010[8], Hegelmann started to develope into a rising competitor in the European transport market. In 2019 Hegelmann operates in 26 established offices across Europe.


Hegelmann Group handles European logistics operations mainly on land. Their time-sensitive non-stop express transportations[9] with two drivers in one truck made them renowned in the European transport sector.

The current national offices of the Hegelmann Group:

  • Germany – Hegelmann Express GmbH
  • Lithuania – UAB Hegelmann Transporte
  • Poland – Hegelmann Transporte Sp. z o.o.
  • France – Hegelmann Logistics France SARL
  • Ukraine – ТОВ Хегельманн Транспорте Юкрейн
  • Latvia – Hegelmann Transporte SIA
  • Estonia – Hegelmann Transporte OÜ
  • Czech Republic – Hegelmann Transporte s.r.o.
  • Spain – Hegelmann Express GmbH
  • Austria – Hegelmann Express GmbH
  • Slovakia – Hegelmann Transporte SK s.r.o
  • Romania – HTR Spedition SRL
  • Belarus – Hegelmann
  • Moldova – Hegelmann Logistics S.R.L.
  • Kazakhstan – TOO Hegelmann Transporte

Sport and Sponsoring[edit]

The Lithuanian football club FC Hegelmann Litauen[10] was created by employees of Hegelmann in 2009. They currently play in the second Lithuanian football division, the Pirma lyga.

Since 2018 Hegelmann is the main Sponsor of 1. FC Bruchsal who play in the German 6th division, the Verbandsliga Baden.

In April, 2018 Hegelmann became the official logistics partner of Truck Racing team Tankpool 24 Racing[11] driving a Mercedes-Benz. They compete in the FIATREC.

Awards & Rankings[edit]

In 2017 the Lithuanian subsidiary UAB Hegelmann Transporte was awarded the Lithuanian export award for extraordinary contribution to the country's economic growth[12] and is as of June 2019 the second biggest transport company in Lithuania[13]

Hegelmann Transporte Sp. o.o. was ranked 11th in revenue in the 24th edition of the TSL conpany ranking of all Polish transport companies.[14]


Hegelmann Group statistics in 2018: 4000 employees[15] in 26 locations, 2500 trucks[16] and 400 million in revenue.



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