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Hatsa Vii
hatsa vii
Background information
Birth nameNohaata Seven
Born (2001-04-12) 12 April 2001 (age 18)

Hatsa Vii[edit]

His real name is Nohaata Seven but people mostly known know him us Hatsa vii, a Malawian rapper and a programmer who has worked with known artists e.g Charley Bucci waxy kay and more and known company's in his programming life developed lot of projects in Malawi e.g quickbooks.co.mw smarthr.co.mw and also he is the C.E.O of MikoziChat a social media based its office in Blantyre Malawi.


Nohaata Seven was born on April 12, 2001, in Blantyre, Malawi. His parents are Mr and Mrs seven. Nohaata started Programming at a young age when he was 12 Nohaata grown up in computer and cell phone life which he code his first website using a android mobile phone when he was 12 he spend more than 24 hours coding the website which he was just playing not for client. Nohaata (Hatsa vii) did his school at target secondary school and then start programming and music and since he notice he is good in programming he started focusing on programming at a young age Nohaata (Hatsa vii) created a social network called MikoziChat which its first month it got more than 5000 users in Malawi which at the moment it have lot's of numbers of users Nohaata his favourite food is rice and chicken cooked in a local Malawian way.

About Music[edit]

Nohaata started music in 2014 when he had a friend who that time was a producer in his room they were best friends and Nohaata (Hatsa vii) was watching him every time when he is recoding and mixing other client's projects since Nohaata (Hatsa Vii) told his friend to try too and recorded a song with his other friend which became a hit at his secondary school and people at his school started counting him us one of the big artist at his school Nohaata was too afraid because to him he was just trying but people supported and told him to keep on making music.