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Hashtag Genre[edit]

Hashtag Genre (HTG)[1] is an underground Grime Media channel on YouTube based in Worcester, Worcestershire. The channel was created on April 22nd 2015 by David Poyner, and it's first video "TheLocksta - Freestyle #Grime" was uploaded a year later on September 11th, 2016.[1]

Hashtag Genre began uploading freestyle videos in it's early days, featuring artists such as Telf, TheLocksta and Mulla C, performing various genres including Grime, Rap, DnB and more. The first official music video by Telf "Rest in Peace Brudda" featuring Wattz was uploaded March 31st 2017, and since then have uploaded music videos, promotions, Grime sends, Cyphers, audio tracks and multiple freestyle series such as #StreetRiddims, #BlockSessions, and #StreetSessions. It has since accumulated over 400,000 total views and 1,800 subscribers.[2]

Music Formats[edit]

Hashtag Genre features many formats of music, including three of it's very own freestyle video series exclusive to this channel only. The series are as follows:

#StreetRiddims - A series in which the artist performs a freestyle with an instrumental playing in the background as is the case with most freestyle videos.

#BlockSessions - A series in which the artist performs a freestyle into a microphone whilst wearing headphones in a specific undisclosed location.

#StreetSessions - A series in which the artist performs a freestyle in a location of their choice using a handheld microphone with an instrumental in the background.

#SingerSessions - A series in identical to #BlockSessions, only difference being that the artist sings instead.

Other formats include:

Music Videos - Fully edited and produced music videos identical to which you would find elsewhere.[3]

Cyphers - Videos in which multiple artists take turns perform freestyles, usually with little to no editing.[4]

MP3s - Videos in which there are no visuals, only the audio of the song, either with the song and artist's name or song/album's artwork on screen for the duration.[5]

Local News[edit]

Hashtag Genre has made two appearances on local news source Worcester News, once when Telf's "Rest In Peace Brudda", a tribute to his late friend Sean Stevens, gained notoriety and was featured in an article[2] on 16th June 2017, and again when Worcester News wrote an article on the channel itself[3] on 17th April 2018 in which Hashtag Genre founder David Poyner stated "Grime offers an escape from crime."[6]

Featured Artists[edit]

HTG has featured many artists in it's videos, most notable being:

Yung Craka - An Irish meme Rapper who gained notable popularity from his song "Oreos!"

Telf - An artist from Worcester who is heavily associated with the channel and mentioned in videos by many other artists

TheLocksta - An artist from Worcester with roots in the local music community

Kieran Rushgrove - An artist from Worcester who gained many views independently on KOBE TV

ISN - An artist best known for his work with soundcloud rapper Yung Craka

Wattz - An artist from Worcester best known for his work with fellow artist Telf

Other artists include:

Z-Don, Carlos, Gappy, Kennith MC, Clezza, WM, H, ChrissyP, Mz, Rapch, RB, The L.T. Show, TgR, G'd Up, Burfz, Ludz, Merky Ace, Amo, JC, Outline, Guni, Loose Change and more.

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