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A. Overview

HandsOnToys was founded in 1993 by Rustam Booz, Andrew Farrar, and Arthur Ganson, a kinetic sculptor and former artist-in-residence at MIT[1]. Ganson was inspired when he saw a child playing with a balloon and went on to create the bendable foam toy[2] that would become Toobers&Zots®[3]. HandsOnToys went on to develop and market various other children’s products as well as pet toys. In 2006, the company focused on Direct Response TV, Direct to Consumer Digital Marketing and Integrated Direct Response.

B. Founders

HandsOnToys, Inc. was founded by Andrew Farrar, Rustam Booz, and Arthur Ganson in March of 1993.

Andrew Farrar graduated from Amherst college in 1980 and has a background in sales and marketing, product development, and consulting.

Rustam Booz graduated from Brown University in 1984 and previously worked as a consultant in marketing communications.

Arthur Ganson is a kinetic sculptor who worked at MIT and his work has been featured at: the Ramapo College of New Jersey, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Ricco Moresca Gallery[4], and Barton College[5]. He also has a permanent exhibit at the MIT Museum[6]. He has been the subject of several articles: Smithsonian Magazine[7], The Wall Street Journal[8], and the Boston Globe[9].

C. Products

HandsOnToys, Inc.’s principle products include:

Toobers&Zots® (1995) is a construction toy comprised of flexible foam tubes. Toobers&Zots has won many toy awards and was a Toy of the Year Finalist[10].

Wiggly Giggly® (1999) is a soft, round ball that "giggles" when moved in any direction. It was originally made as a children's toy but crossed over to a pet toy[11]. Wiggly Giggly won Dog Toy of the Year[12].

Floam® (2005-relaunch) is a compound with polystyrene beads that allows the user to shape and mold with it. It was a Toy of the Year finalist and was identified by the New Yorker as one of HandsOnToys' most popular toys.[3]

Other products include: Crunch Art®, Nobbly Wobbly®[10], Wiggly Giggler®, the Wiggly Giggly Ball ®and Cat-a-pult®.

Hands on Consulting

A. Overview

HandsOnConsulting was established by Andrew Farrar and Rustam Booz in 2006 to concentrate on research-and-development, direct to consumer marketing, and licensing of toys and consumer products.

B. Products

Some of its more notable products include: Floam®, Happy Nappers®, HideAway Pets®, FlipaZoo®, Boxy Girls®, and Wobble Wag Giggle Ball® for Pets.

C. Contacts

  1. Managing Partner: Andrew Farrar: [[1]]
  2. Partner: Rustam Booz: [[2]]

HandsOnToys in Books:

  1. Toobers&Zots: Flexible Construction Set[13]
  2. The Real Toy Story[14]
  3. The Hidden Intelligence: Innovation through Intuition[15]


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