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Han Zaw Latt (Burmese: ဟန္ေဇာ္လတ္ born on 10 January 1992) is a Burmese young entrepreneur, national director of international beauty pageant. He is the founder and CEO of Miss Golden Land Myanmar Organization and Mrs. Myanmar Organization.[1][2][3]

Han Zaw Latt
Born (1992-01-10) January 10, 1992 (age 27)
OccupationYoung Entrepreneur, National Director
OrganizationMiss Golden Land Myanmar Organization,

Mrs Myanmar Organization,

Mister Myanmar Organization


Han Zaw Latt was born in Minbu a town in Magway region in Myanmar.[4] One of the pioneers of Myanmar pageantry, celebrity & social activist, Mr. Han Zaw Latt is a conductor of various mass media campaign on social issues. This young entrepreneur founded the Miss Golden Land Myanmar Organization in 2012 at his age of 19 and Miss Golden Land Myanmar Charity Foundation in 2014. He produces role models to represent Myanmar and to contribute charity and social activities in MGLM Charity Foundation and TV stars through his own famous TV Show & one of the most awaiting events in the nation, the annual MGLM Beauty Pageant.[4][5]

Through his charity foundation, he has been raised for HIV-AIDS Care, orphanages, senior citizens, disabled persons, victims of natural disasters and catastrophes in Myanmar. As a young public figure and young entrepreneur, he has also made motivation and inspiration talk shows for the youths and Education & Awareness campaign at various universities around the nation throughout the year.[3][4]

Han Zaw Latt is passionate, enthusiastic and public relations professional dedicated to improving communications for clients. He is extremely organized, dependable person who takes pride in his work. Since 2013, he was lucky to have quite a number of opportunities to proven PR expertise and serving networks to local companies, international companies, local NGOs and INGOs.[5][6]

He exhibits strategic knowledge and judgment and enjoys working in fast-paced environments & industries with a highly productive approach. He experiences in a number of various media related fields and provided PR consulting on a number of topics with innovative concept. He experienced as jury, participant, facilitator and organizer for a number of workshops, seminars, forums, conference, fashion & Film festivals to develop the creative industry in Myanmar.[4]The world recognizes Mr. Han Zaw Latt as the World’s youngest National Director for being only the youngest one in the world who is able to start and lead in International Pageantry at very young age by overcoming many obstacles and for the dedication and excellence in this field of endeavor.[1][2] In 2016, his MGLM Org won Best (5) Asian Top Fashion Organization of the Year by Fashion Asia 2016 ceremony organized by the Government of PR. China held in Chongqing, China among hundreds of organizations from fashion industry all over the continent of Asia.[4][5][6]


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