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Haley Adams (born c.1994) is an American right wing Alt-lite reactionary political activist with Patriot Prayer who first made her appearance in Portland, Oregon on April 29, 2017[1][2][3]

Political activism[edit]

Haley Adams has been a known frequent of Patriot Prayer rallies since it's formation, frequently seen alongside Joey Gibson, Haley is a main source of crowdfunding for the group[4] Haley first promoted him too in Portland. Oregon on November, 17th[5][6][7][8] Adams harassed the local IWW building alongside Patriot Prayer and Hell Shaking Street Preachers almost assulting an antifascist activist in the area with a pink stun gun.[9][10] In her first public DSA meeting, Haley was quickly ejected, being unable to wait her turn to speak and causing a commtion during the listening session.[11][12][13] Adams had made plans to protest abortion in new york through the use of crowdfunding on a platform called giving fuel which had been taken down after an employee with CAIR had reported the page, Adams later went on to make allegations like many other patriot prayer members, that CAIR is a terrorist Organization.[14] Haley co-founded a patriot prayer splinter group named "Portland's liberation" orginally the "pdx crew" before being restructered into "Portland's Liberation" The same time proud boys were marching in Portland on june 29, 2019 Portland's Liberation held a "stand against Domestic terrorism" rally to highlight antifascist violance.[15] Haley also organized a rally in front of Ted wheeler's house alongside David willis drawing a crowd of about 20 people.[16][17]


Haley has identified as a white nationalist saying in an interview on the street "Damn straight I support white pride. I support my race."[18] and claims to be a civil rights activist[19] Rose City Antifa has written extensively about Haley an describes her political activity as "struggled to transform herself into an alt-right celebrity"[20] Haley has been mentioned in three different Southern poverty law center articles through Hatewatch, where her poltics are described as "alt lite"[21][22][23]


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