Habib Abou Chahla

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Habib Abu Shahla
حبيب أبو شهلا
Habib abou shahla.jpg
Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament
In office
Minister of Justice
In office
Personal details
Born1902 (1902)
Beirut, Ottoman Empire
Died22 March 1957(1957-03-22) (aged 54–55)
Beirut, Lebanon
EducationAmerican University of Beirut
University of Paris

Habib Abou Shahla (Arabic: حبيب أبو شهلا‎ / Ḥabīb Abū Shahlā) or Abi Shahla (Arabic: أبي شهلا‎ / Abī Shahlā; 1902[citation needed] – March 22, 1957[1]) was a Lebanese politician and public figure, several times member of Parliament.[1] He was the Minister of Justice in 1943 and the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament between 1946 and 1947.[2] He had studied at the American University of Beirut and at the University of Paris.[3]

A street bears his name and a statue of him stands in Beirut.

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