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The Global Council of Non-Governmental Organisations (Global NGO Council) is a global coalition of international, regional and national civil society and non-governmental organisations working to realise peace, universal human rights, equality and social justice, good governance and sustainable human development in communities around the world.

GLONGO was formed in 2016 to bring together advocacy organisations and international development and emergency relief agencies to build a cohesive global civil society voice of like-minded organisations for advocacy, stakeholder engagement, learning and sharing, policy impact, best practices, networking and solidarity with the people and communities we serve.

Today our members include international relief and development agencies, the peace-building and humanitarian bodies of major faith groups, educational organisations, human rights associations, environmental and solidarity groups, and local community organisations committed to GLONGO’s mission, vision, and principles. The Council amplifies the voice of our members, to influence key global, regional and national decision makers, and to engage the people of the world as active global citizens.

However, members benefit from our expertise in carrying out meaningful, impactful public engagement. From knowledge sharing and awareness building with the general public, leadership training for members and public officials, and working with key stakeholders and donors through our Global Citizenship Education program, GLONGO’s public engagement is a transformative process that works towards more effective and equitable social, economic, environmental and political structures.

GLONGO provides access to people and organisations that are working for social, economic and ecological justice and provides the opportunity to coordinate efforts with other CSOs at national, regional and global levels around the world. The coalition enhances learning and sharing, and shares information, skills and knowledge, which strengthen our ability to improve our impact in our communities worldwide. It creates opportunities for members to increase their reach to a diverse and international, regional and national civil society network of NGO leaders and practitioners, government funders and community-based social innovators interested in human development impacts and positive change.

GLONGO is a politically non-partisan, voluntary and non-profit global organisation. The Council's primary obligation is to promote and enhance NGO operations through capacity building, and serve as a mouthpiece and advocate on behalf of NGOs operating at national, regional and global levels, in which respect GLONGO assists NGOs to serve society better. It is widely recognised at the national, regional and international levels as an NGO collective, and has established and maintains collaborative relations with numerous NGO consortia and networks with international organisations.

Furthermore, GLONGO provides the opportunity for NGOs to meet regularly and periodically to discuss issues that are of relevance to the global NGO community, exchange ideas, and share information about their respective activities, achievements, difficulties, and promote NGO solidarity for the benefit of the communities they work with. NGOs meet regularly at GLONGO events where sectoral and thematic taskforces have been constituted to allow NGOs to discuss, exchange information and field experiences. Through strategic partnerships with some of its core members, GLONGO applies a participatory approach in its overall operations. It aims as part of its strategic direction, is to strengthen the capacity of its member organisations in strategic planning and strongly advocate for the fight against poverty, social injustice and human suffering at all levels of society.[1]


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