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Production company
GenreFilms, Comics, Records, Games
FoundedDecember 2nd 2017
Key people
CEO Grayson Pitman, CFO Owen Hill, CDO Nate Hofmeister

GDPC stands for Grayson Daniel Production Company[1].The own the LCC and GC.

Brief History[edit]

GDPC was made in 2017 when they took over GC in 2017 they had a huge change in a lot of GC products or programs like the GDPC music hall of fame. In 2018 they took over LCC but nothing.changed. Currently the CEO is Grayson Pitman who made the company and previously worked for GC. In 2018 they made The best rock bands of all time[2]. In March 2019 they bought Hawk Comics.


LCC stands for Local Cap Collection and they are based in Pennsylvania and Delaware[3]. They collect bottle caps and donate them to organizations that use recyclables. The current CEO is Andrew Lloyd. They have donated to Avon Grove and Green Tree Plastics. Andrew Lloyd and Grayson Pitman made it with intention to donate to Avon Grove but now it is only going to Green Tree Plastics. The LCC was took over by GDPC in October, 4 2018 under a month after it was made on September, 30th. LCC is a organization that donates bottle caps to recycling companies. They have collected about 13000 caps in November 2018-March 2019.


GC made The GDPC music hall of fame[4] in 2012. They were took over in 2017.


There are different branches of GDPC.

GDPC Games[edit]

GDPC Games have made several games on scratch. Defend the Cake is there most popular game[5].

GDPC Films[edit]

Feature length films :


The Lightsword

Joe and Fred Episodes:[7]

Joe and Fred Ep. 1

Joe and Fred Ep. 2

Joe and Fred Ep. 3

Facts Episodes:

Facts Episode 1 : WW1

Facts Episode 2 : WW2

Facts Episode 3 : The falkland war


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