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PredecessorGaraad Mohamed III
Regnal name
Ruler of the Nugaal
HouseHouse of Garaad Shirshoore
DynastyDhulbahante garaadship

Garaad Ali III was the thirteenth garaad of the Dhulbahante Sultanate who reigned from 1825 until his death in 1840. It was also during Ali III reign that the first major schism occurred in the Dhulbahante lineage with the formation of the Ugaadhyahan lineage.[2] He defeated a major Ogaden army at the Battle of Kabr Ogaden in a massacre that was so ferocious, that the hills and mountains in the environs of this battle were named after it as Kabr Ogaden meaning graveyard of the Ogaden.[3]


According to a visiting English explorer called Lt Cruttenden, despite the schism, there was continued cooperation and concurrence with regard to foreign affairs between Garaad Ali Xaram and Garaad Ali III[4]:

Between Marehan and the country of the Warsangeli the great pasture-ranges of the Dulbahanta, a level country abounding in grass, water, and timber, and without a stone. Unlike their other brethren, the Dulbahanta are a nation who fight chiefly on horseback, their arms being two spears and a shield. Their horses are powerful and courageous; the breed descended, according to Somali tradition, from the stud of Suleiman, the son Of David, and consequently is highly valued. The Dulbahanta, as far as I have seen of them, are a fine martial race of men, second to none of the branches of Darrood either in conduct or appearance, and they are described as being courteous and hospitable to the stranger who visits them. They have generally two sultans, or Gerads, the elder of whom, Mehammed Ali Harran, governs the eastern limits of the province, whilst his colleague, Ali Gerad, recently deceased, guards the N.W. frontier from the thieving Habar Jeclo in the neighbourhood of Kurrum.


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