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Gabriela Hersham
ResidenceGreater London, England
OccupationFounder & CEO of Huckletree
Known forEntrepreneur and leader

Gabriela Hersham is a London-based entrepreneur, leader and also the CEO of Huckletree, a Co-working space founded in 2014.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] Gabriela currently serves on the advisory board of several startup businesses.[1][5][10]

Life and education[edit]

Gabriela is a business graduate from Regents University, London and also holds a B.A. in French and Arabic.[11] After graduation, Gabriela spent a few years in producing, filmmaking and acting at New York.[5][11][12][13] Gabriela is a mother of the baby boy, married to Antonie, the founding member of Felix Capital.[5][14]

Entrepreneur journey[edit]

When Gabriela was at Newyork, she realized co-working motivated her more than anything else and hence, moved to the UK in 2013 and founded Huckletree in 2014.[11][5][7][15][9][16][17] Huckletree has four sites- one in Dublin and three in London.[18][15][19][16][20]

As the founder and CEO of Huckletree, Gabriela campaigns against discrimination to encourage investors to address women from ethnic backgrounds.[21][22]

Honors and awards[edit]

Gabriela was a speaker at TedXMorganStanley's "Future of Work" in London; and also a Hanx Power Women.[1][23]


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