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G3 Canada Limited is a Canadian grain company headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The company operates a network of grain elevators and port terminals across Canada, as well as a laker vessel and a fleet of grain hopper railway cars. G3 purchases grains and oilseeds from farmers, who deliver their crops to G3 facilities by truck. The commodities are then transferred to trains and/or ships and shipped to customers around the world.


G3 was created in 2015 when G3 Global Grain Group (a joint venture of US agribusiness Bunge and Saudi agricultural investment firm SALIC) purchased a majority interest in the Canadian Wheat Board and combined it with the grain assets of Bunge Canada..[1][2][3][4][5][6] The other shareholder in G3 Canada Limited is the Farmers Equity Trust, which owns the Class B shares in the company.[7][8]

Soon after its formation, G3 began building a network of grain handling facilities.[9][10][11] The company opened new grain elevators in Bloom, Manitoba[12] and Colonsay, Saskatchewan[13] in 2015 and in Glenlea, Manitoba[14][15] and Pasqua, Saskatchewan[16] in 2016. The company opened new grain elevators in Melville and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2018[17][18] and in Maidstone, Saskatchewan in 2019[19]. G3 also had new grain elevators planned or under construction in Wetaskiwin[20][21][22], Morinville[23], Carmangay[24], Irricana and Stettler County, Alberta to open in 2020.[25][26][27]

G3 also operates grain elevators in Leader[28], Kindersley, and near Plenty, Saskatchewan[29]

G3 built a new grain export terminal at the Port of Hamilton, Ontario which opened in 2017.[30][31]The company also operates port terminals at the Port of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Trois Rivières and Québec City, Québec.[32]

G3 Terminal Vancouver, a new grain export terminal, is under construction at the Port of Vancouver in North Vancouver, British Columbia. G3 Terminal Vancouver is a joint venture of G3 Global Holdings and Western Stevedoring Company Limited. The facility is due to open in 2020.[33][34][35][36][37][38]


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