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Francesca Tasini
Francesca Tasini.jpg
EducationScuola Teatro Dimitri, Scuola di teatro Alessandra Galante Garrone, filmArche e.V.
Alma materAlma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna
Years active2004-Present
OrganizationArt Aia - La Dolce Berlin

Francesca Tasini[1][2] (born October 4th, 1979 in Pieve di Cento) is an Italian actress[3], screenwriter[4] and educator.[5]


She studied Educational sciences at the University of Bologna. She studied acting at the Galante Garrone theatre school and at the University of theater and movement Dimitri in Switzerland. In 2014 she played[6] the female lead [7]in the Italian film[8] Ultima fermata[9] starring alongside[10] Claudia Cardinale[11] . She also played the role of Justine[12] in Processo a Mata Hari[13] with Italian showgirl Elisabetta Gregoraci and American actor John Savage.

Francesca lives in Berlin , Germany where she recently worked for German TV show Die Toten vom Bodensee and attended the FilmArche screenwriting lab developing the short film life's dance directed by Philipp Klein. In 2016 Francesca cofounded alongside Giovanni Morassutti , Art Aia-La Dolce Berlin, which is a project space that facilitates cultural activities and artistic events.

Since 2005 she became a buddhist following the teachings of Nichiren.



  • The Audience directed by Tasya Martin (2017)
  • Processo a Mata Hari directed by Rossana Patrizia Siclari (2016)
  • My Italy[14] directed by Bruno Colella [15](2016)
  • Ultima fermata[16] directed by Gianbattista Assanti (2015)
  • Pandora directed by Andrea Conticelli (2014)
  • L´Eremita directed by Al Festa (2012)


  • Die Toten vom Bodensee[17] (TV Series) (2018)

Music videos

  • Doberman [18] band The Great white shark directed by Julien Magnan (2019)
  • In my Head , band Marylane . directed by Famian Kimoto (2018)


  • Elettra directed by Daniel Bausch (2007)
  • Monologhi directed by Massimo Sceusa (2007)
  • il viaggio dei diversi directed by Andre casaca (2007)
  • Lab directed by Giorgio Comaschi (2005)
  • Mime corporelle dramatique directed by Oliver Pollak (2004)
  • Der Traum directed by Oleg Zukowski (2004)
  • Das Gesichte der Pantomime directed by Anke Geber (2004)


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