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Foreign Opd | Consultation Now is a healthcare consultancy firm which provides medical second opinion from USA and UK doctors in India. It is a subsidiary of Fsed Libra International Private Limited is an Indian Non-Government Company. It's a private company and is classified as 'company limited by shares'. Dr. Inder Maurya MD ( Emergency Medicine) is the founder & CEO of the company. The registered address is at Mumbai which is the capital of Maharashtra, India. However the operation headquarter of the company is in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.


Foreign opd | Consultation now Functionally operates form the Iconic building SATRA PLAZA which is situated on Palm beach Marg. It started its operations in July 2018. Pambeach marg is also known as the marine drive of Navi Mumbai .

Second Opinion[edit]

What is Second Opinion?[edit]

Second opinion is the alternative view. It can be in terms of medical or law or accountancy. In context of medicine second opinion mostly are taken in case of life-threatening illness or terminal illness like cancer, organ transplant especially Liver, Kidney, Bone Marrow to name a few.

Type of Second Opinion[edit]

This includes Email consultation, Video conferencing Consultation or In person / face to face consultation. Most common is the Email consultation. It usually takes around 2 weeks to get the submitted copy of second opinion report.

Fees of Second Opinion[edit]

It usually varies according to type of consultation that patients takes it. Varying from $ 750 which standford healthcare for email consultation.[1]. to $ 150 which the foreign opd charges[2]. In UK the charges in the private consultancy firm medical second opinion, is GBP 265[3].

Second Opinion in India[edit]

According to WHO, India ranks poorly in terms of global healthcare index[4]. So second opinion becomes the need of the hour. There are various online and offline healthcare consultancy firms which offers expert second opinion. The doctors enrolled for providing second opinion by such firms may be from India or abroad. Mostly the consultation is via email or video conferencing. In person consultation with British and American doctors is provided by foreign opd[5]

Cancer treatment: India vs Abroad, an article of published in The Times of India, India's leading newspaper publication, where it wrote how Indian celebrities and politician seek treatment abroad although the Indian doctors claim they are in par with international cancer hospitals[6]

Reason for Second opinion[edit]

Second opinion provides peace of mind and surety that the patient population gets the best of medical treatment. A research published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings has concluded that second opinion typically confirms the original diagnosis, however in case of poorly defined conditions 90% of them remains undiagnosed[7] The study also states that 10% to 62 % of second opinion yields a major change in diagnosis, treatment or prognosis.

Another study which was published in American journal of medicine in 2015, "Evaluation of Outcomes from a national patient - initiated second opinion program[8]. It concluded patient opted for second opinion for treatment options (41.3%) and for diagnostic concerns (34.8%). Alternate diagnosis (14.8%), treatment (37.4%), or changes in both (10.6%).


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