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FAIRFIELD is an American rock band from Hillsborough, New Jersey, formed in 2016. Known for their blend of melodic and hard rock music with driving powerful vocals, the band began to pick up traction in 2019.

MANIC - EP (2019) In 2019 FAIRFIELD is set to release their debut EP MANIC. The band joined forces with Nada Recording Studio's John Naclerio and Sean Paul Pillsworth to create the band's first EP titled MANIC. Set to release in late Summer/Early fall of 2019 MANIC is an EP that is known for a mixture of melodic and hard rock tones. The EP will be available on all major platforms. The single "Manipulator" is set to release on September of 2019.

Members Andy Imbimbo - Lead Vocals and Guitar Ron Guido - Backup Vocals and Guitar Adam Mehltretter - Bass Steve Kay - Drums


  • Manic EP 2019

External Links <a href="https://www.facebook.com/fairfieldmusicnj">Facebook</a> <a href="https://www.instagram.com/fairfieldmusicnj">Instagram</a>



"Interview with Fairfield in person, January 2019, in studio at Crossroads"