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EnviroVent is a British based company that specialises in providing ventilation solutions, the head office is located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.[1] The company started as 'Yorkshire Condensation Solutions' in 1987. The company specialises in mechanical ventilation heat recovery, positive input ventilation and mechanical extract ventilation.[2]


The company started life as Yorkshire Condensation Solutions back in 1987 under Frank Farmer. Frank then changed the company to Farmer Controls Ltd and launched EnviroVent as a brand. In 2007 EnviroVent was acquired by Soler & Palau and Farmer Controls PLC became EnviroVent Ltd.[1]

The current Managing Director] is Andy Makin.

In 2015 EnviroVent opened a Distribution and Training Facility in order to deliver NICEIC-accredited training courses.[3]

In 2016 the company celebrated making its one millionth filterless fan.[4]


In 2004 EnviroVent introduced it's patented Filterless Fan.[5] In 2007 it launched a Lifetime Range of products designed with recyclable components with elements designed to reduce life-cycle costs preventing waste going to landfill.[6] In 2010 the company launched the innovative heat recovery system, energiVent Flow which later won Domestic Product of the Year at the H&V News Awards.[7]

In 2013 the company launched the Filterless Infinity Extract Fan designed for the social housing market this was followed by two more product launches in 2016 including the energiSava 300 and 400 and a Slimline range of MVHR products.[1]

In 2018 the company launched the ATMOS range of loft mounted PIV ventilation units and is the first company to incorporate mobile app technology.[8]

Further awards[edit]

  • 2009 – EnviroVent Filterless Extract Fan wins The Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation Technology (2009)
  • 2013 – EnviroVent wins Air Movement Product of the Year at the H&V News Awards.[9]
  • 2013 – EnviroVent wins Best Charitable Company at the Stray FM Local Hero Awards.[10]
  • 2017 – EnviroVent wins Best Overall Marketing Campaign at the Franchise Marketing Awards.[11]
  • 2017 – EnviroVent wins Smart Product of the Year at the Energy Awards.[12]
  • 2019 – EnviroVent wins Domestic Ventilation Product of the Year at H&V News Awards.[13]


The EnviroVent factory is facilitated to be able to recycle worn out components, stopping plastic from ending up in landfill.[6]

The company also locally sources many materials which also reduces its carbon footprint.[14]

Charity work[edit]

EnviroVent has been involved in numerous charity events. In 2013 the company raised £10,000[15] for Asthma UK.

In 2017 EnviroVent staff took part in a community day, clearing gardens, running a charity car wash and planting a sunflower garden.[16]

EnviroVent recently chose Martin House Hospice as their charity of the year, raising money through sponsorship for the Great North Run.[17]

EnviroVent is also a Guild of Patrons for Saint Michaels Hospice.


EnviroVent is also approved by the NICEIC.

EnviroVent is a member of HEVAC, holds an Exor Gold Accreditation and a member of the Achilles BuidlingConfidence community.[18]