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Emmanueli Adzoh[edit]

Emmanueli Máximo Adzoh[edit]

(African: born 18 April 1994) is an professional mixed martial artist and Jiu-jitsu fighter. Adzoh started his MMA career in 2017 and, in 2019, he went made his professional debut for Cali Cage Wars against Gordy Gaetan winning in dominate fashion[1].

Early life[edit]

Emmanueli Máximo Adzoh was born in Lome, Togo on 18 April 1994, the son of Annani and Pauline Adzoh. He was raised in St.louis and attended Kratz elementary in St.Ann, where he also developed his passion for Martial arts. In his youth, he played wrestling for Fort Zumwalt North High school. At the age of 12, Adzoh also began boxing on the streets with the local kids.In 2006, Adzoh moved with his family to Ofallon, Missouri, attending Fort Zumwalt North High School[2] . Following that, he started attending St.charles community college. While in ofallon, he met Jiu-jitsu Black belt Mike Buckles and soon started training Jiu-jitsu & mixed martial arts (MMA). Emmanueli Adzoh earned his Brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt under Mike Buckles, in St.louis Missouri being part of a  competitive competition team in Gracie Barra [3]. Notable achivements in the sport of brazilian Jiu- Jitsu include:

  • Ibjjf Long beach Open Champion in 2016 [4],
  • Ibjjf Chicago open Bronze medalist [5],
  • Ibjjf American National silver medalist [6].

Emmanueli is now compeiting in Professional MMA & Professional Jiu-jitsu competition in a interview with Proven he says his goal is to "prove myself as one of the best fighters in MMA and Jiu jitsu, winning world titles in both"[7].

Professional record breakdown
0 matches 0 wins 0 losses

loss 3-1 Guilherme de Lima SUB
win 3-0 Tavin Edwards SUB
win 2-0 Gordy Gaetan UD
win 1-0 Gabe Rodriguez UD



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