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Elana Withnall (Born April 20, 1993)[1] is an Australian athlete across varying disciplines such as Athletics and Rugby.[2]


Withnall is a former Australian Athletics Team Captain and Flag Bearer.[3] Withnall was the 2013[4] and 2014 IAAF Oceania Heptathlon Champion.[5][6] She retired from the heptathlon following 2016 due to a serious back injury,[7] after which she shifted her focus to the 400m hurdles with national success.[8] She trained as part of the 2015–16 shadow Australia Winter Olympic Bobsleigh team where she was a pilot.[2][9]

Rugby sevens[edit]

She played Rugby sevens for the Macquarie University Sydney Rays, in the inaugural AON 7s series in 2017.[10]

Modelling career[edit]

Withnall appeared on the cover of the 2012 Manning-Great Lakes Focus Magazine[11] and was crowned as one of NSW state finalists of the Miss Universe Australia pageant in 2014.[2] She advertised Linebreak compression garments in 2015[12] and Lexus Australia in 2018.[11]


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