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Edu-legal support for school staff
FounderJohn Roberts

Edapt is an organisation which provides teachers and school staff, in England and Wales, with advice and accompaniment in individual employment disputes and allegations.

It was founded in 2011 as an alternative option to the traditional teaching unions.

It is an independent, private organisation and not classed as a trade union. Edapt is apolitical and does not take part in lobbying activities.

Its Chief Executive is John Roberts[1] a former secondary-school teacher. The organisation is based in Manchester, England.


In 2012, Edapt commissioned an independent report from the education youth think tank, LKMco[2], which for the first time investigated teachers’ reasons for joining a trade union and their perceptions of them.

Following publication of this report Edapt raised capital from a number of investors, 90% of whom were or had been teachers.

After building resource with a number of teachers, legal firms, insurance specialists and education experts, Edapt launched publicly in September 2012.[3]

Chief Executive, John Roberts explains about the origins of the organisation,I came away thinking about allegations, and strike action, and why people were switched off from unions. I started wondering why no one had created an alternative so I thought I would investigate the barriers to entry[4]

The Independent explains that Edapt was established "... after a survey showed 44% of teacher trade union members were not interested in taking any form of industrial action."[5]

In a 2013 speech, the then Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, explained that, "Now there is no need for teachers to feel they have to join a union if they want full employment protection - they can get impartial legal and employment advice from an organisation without a political agenda."[6]

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