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The Flying Dutchmen
Full nameThe Dutch National Quidditch Team
NicknamesThe Flying Dutchmen
LeagueInternational Quidditch Association
Coloursorange and dark blue
Head coachNick van Klaveren
CaptainBram Vries en Jan-Tino Brethouwer
WebsiteDe Flying Dutchmen

The Dutch national Quidditch team is a team of quidditch players represents the Netherlands in international quidditch matches. The national team is controlled by Quidditch Nederland (QNL), which is a part of quidditch Europe and the International Quidditch Association. The team is often called "The Flying Dutchmen", after the legend of the Flying Dutchman and as a reference to the origin of the sport quidditch. Like almost all national sport selections in the Netherlands, the Flying Dutchmen usually play in the dutch national color of orange, this color refers to the Dutch royal family the House of Orange-Nassau.


The Flying Dutchmen played there first official international tournament on the 25th and 26th of july 2015 when they participated in the 2015 IQA European Games that where held in Sarteano, Italy. Here they where put in a group with the United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, Germany and Ireland. they would end up wining just one match in the group stage which was against Ireland where the Netherlands won 60*-30. They would finish the group second to last in 5th place and thus be eliminated before the knock out stage.

One year later the Netherlands would once again play on the international stage, this time at the 2016 IQA World Cup in Frankfurt Germany. The Netherlands was paced in a group with the at that moment European champions France as well as Italy and Slovenia, Uganda was also placed in this group but they would withdraw form the tournament before its start. the Netherlands would not win any game during the group stage and thus ended up in the lower bracket of the tournament. here they would lose there Play-in game to Spain. The Netherlands would end up on spot 18 of the 21 countries there.

In the summer of 2017 the Netherlands would play there second European games when the participated in the 2017 IQA European Games in Oslo Norway. Here they would be playing in group C together with Slovakia, Poland, Ireland and Sweden. They would go on ending third in the group after finishing even with Poland and Slovakia who both had a better point differential, during the group stage the Netherlands lost only to Slovakia (60-110*) winning from Ireland (100*-40), Poland (80-90*) and Sweden (210-50*). On the second day of the tournament would meet hosts Norway, it would end with a 190-60* win for Norway who would go on to end the tournament in third place. In the Round of 16 consolation bracket the Dutch would play Slovakia in a rematch after the day before, Slovakia would win the match 80-100* sending the Netherlands into the Thirteenth place play-off. Here Ireland was the opponent, and with the Netherlands emerging from the match with a 160*-60 victory they assured themselves of a thirteenth place.

For the 2018 IQA World Cup in Florence Italy the Netherlands would be placed in Group D, due to the tournament structure they would be playing the teams from Group C. here they would end up playing the title holder Australia, Brazil, Italy and Ireland. after only beating Brazil (60-90*) they would en last in there group and go into the lower bracket on day 2. after beating South Korea with 170*-80 they would face off against Catalonia, this match would be lost 100*-50 sending the Dutch into the 19th place Play-off. Here New Zealand would be the opponent in the end the Netherlands would beat New Zealand 150*-80 to take the 19th place at that years world cup.

In 2019 the Flying Dutchmen made there Third appearance on the European stage when they played at the 2019 IQA European Games in Bamberg Germany. Here they where drawn into group a together with: eventual champions France, Norway, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. after a loss to France and Norway the Dutch went on to beat Slovenia and the Czech Republic to secure a thirt place in the group. on the second day began with back to back losses against Italy and Poland, the dutch came back how ever and ended the tournament with wins against Denmark and Scotland thus they successfully defending their 13th spot from two years earlier.

Jersey and colors[edit]

Where many national teams jerseys show the colors of there national flags the Dutch differ form that practice. Where the Dutch flag is a red white and blue tricolor the dutch team plays primarily in the color of orange. this practice is very common for national sports teams in the Netherlands, the color orange is the national color and it refers to the Dutch royal family the House of Orange-Nassau. The flags color can however often be found bag on the jerseys, this can be via a small flag somewhere on the jersey or by using one of the flags colors as a secondary color. The current Flying Dutchmen kit is primarily orange on the top but goes slowly fades into blue around waist and upper part of the shorts, this blue however is not solid and shows a big winged Lion, the lion being the national animal of the Netherlands.


To be eligible to play for the Flying Dutchmen you must be either in possession of the Dutch nationality or a member of quidditch Nederland, this allows a player that plays in the Netherlands but is not in possession of a dutch passport and cannot play for their own national team to play for the Netherlands.

The selection of the squad is done by a try-outs, players who want to play for the Netherlands are given a change during these try-outs to show themselves to the coaches and earn there spot on the practice squad, from this squad a final roster will be picked for the tournament the Netherlands will participate in that year.

Competitive record[edit]

Competition Position
Italy 2015 IQA European Games 10th of 12
Germany 2016 IQA World Cup 18th of 21
Norway 2017 IQA European Games 13th of 15
Italy 2018 IQA World Cup 19th of 29
Germany 2019 IQA European Games 13th of 20

Current coaching staff[edit]

The current coaching staff of the Flying Dutchmen is as followed::

Position Surname First Name Club
Coach van Klaveren Nick Twentse Thestrals
Assistant-coach Brethouwer Jan-Tino Twentse Thestrals
Assistant-coach de Schrijver Ernst Rotterdam Ravens
Team manager van den Broek Lars Twentse Thestrals
Assistant-team manager Vissers Yuri Lumos Eindhoven
Selection advisor Volders Nicolas Antwerp Dodo's (Belgium)

Current National Squad[edit]

The most recent Flying Dutchmen squad that participated in the 2019 IQA European Games is as followed:

Surname First Name; Number Club
K Vries (C) Bram 2 Twentse Thestrals
K van der Wal Niels 11 Dom Tower Dementors
K van den Broek Lars 22 Twentse Thestrals
C van Assem Arjen 0 Rotterdam Ravens
C Hommel Lennard 1 Dom Tower Dementors
C Lardenois Laurent 7 Maastricht Mosasaurs
C Pelupessy Gaëlle 10 Maastricht Mosasaurs
C Vissers Yuri 12 Lumos Eindhoven
C Reiche Merel 14 Wageningen Werewolves
C Stegeman Matthijs 19 Rotterdam Ravens
C van Dalsen Roy 37 Amsterdam Manticores
C Plowman Clio 63 Wageningen Werewolves
C Adriani Anna 69 Wageningen Werewolves
C Labohm Emma 77 Wageningen Werewolves
C Moscato Robin 97 Wageningen Werewolves
B van de Ven Robert 5 Wageningen Werewolves
B Epskamp Marit 6 Wageningen Werewolves
B Lardinois Wouter 18 Twentse Thestrals
B van den Meiracker Fedor 26 Dom Tower Dementors
B Hooijschuur Linda 42 Wageningen Werewolves
B Brethouwer (C) Jan-Tino 47 Twentse Thestrals
B köster Annika 61 Twentse Thestrals
B Harkema Tom 95 Wageningen Werewolves
B Bakker Anna 99 Rotterdam Ravens