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Duan Yingmei (Chinese: 段英梅) was born in Daqing city, Heilongjiang province, China in 1969. In 1989, she graduated with a degree in oil recovery engineering from China's Nrtheast Petroleum University. She began making art in 1991. She also studied oil painting, fresco and sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University(Central Arts & Crafts Academy). She lived in Beijing as a freelance artist until 1998.

Duan Yingmei lived in Beijing east village from 1993 to 1995. She have participated in the creation and performance of the collective work "To Add One Meter to an Anonymous Mountain" with other Beijing east village artists. As a turning point in her artistic creation, she studied performance with Marina Abramović as a student at Braunschweig University of Art in Germany in 2000. She also studied the art of film with Birgit Hein. In 2005, she graduated with a master's degree in Braunschweig University of Art. In the same year she stared to learn performance and video installations from Christoph Schlingensief, and participated in the creation and performance of several large theater performance art works directed by him.

Since 1993 she participates in numerous national and international exhibitions, festivals and workshops. Her performance and installations have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale in Italy(2007), Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam(2005), and the performance art festival in Schleswijk, Germany.

Art works[edit]

Duan Yingmei's performance works are full of fairy-tale dreamlike images of "surrealism". The theme of sleep often appears in her works, and the background is like a jigsaw puzzle with various elements arranged. The audience walked into the fantasy world created by the artist with personal association and complex mood. In addition, hazy years of the past, and rich life scenes often appear in her works. The intention of all the works comes from her ordinary real life. In her works, we can often find the fear, desire and experience expressed in her works.

Individual Exhibitions[edit]


  • “Playing with 14 rooms”, Galerie auf Zeit, Brunswick, Germany
  • “Bedroom 07. 11. 2005 - 02. 08. 2006”Juliusstr. 17, Braunschweig, Germany


  • “26 Days in OKS ”, OKS Galerie Braunschweig, Germany


  • “Bilder aus Peking”, Galerie am Prater, Berlin, Germany


  • “Duan Yingmei - Peking”, Kunsthaus Erfurt, Germany

Group Exhibitions[edit]


  • “BoulevART”, Kunstherbst Berlin, Germany
  • “Happy birthday”,Kunsthaus Erfurt, Germany
  • “Akte Spuren Menschenbilder”, OKS Galerie Braunschweig, Germany
  • “Gipfeltreffen”, Projektraum fuer aktuelle Kunst und Performance, Basel


  • “PLATTFORM #2”, Künstlerhaus Hannover, Germany
  • “Gifted generation”, Hebbel Theater, Berlin, Germany
  • “Persistent and Gradual Loss of Self-Control”, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • “Re-Enact Performancenight”, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • “Nude with Skeleton”, MARTa Herford, Germany
  • “Braunschweiger Kulturnacht”, LOT-Theater Braunschweig, Germany
  • “Cleaning the House-Performance Loop” Montenmedio Arts Contempo-raneo, Cadiz, Spain


  • “Colours Nachwuchs-Filmfest”, Kino im Künstlerhaus Hannover, Germany
  • “Recycling the Future”, Venice Biennale 2003, Italy
  • “Performance in der Kunsthalle”, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany
  • “As soon as possible”, PAC Milan, Italy


  • “Prêt_Á_Performance”, Viafarini Milan, Italy
  • “Braunschweiger Kulturnacht”, LOT-Theater Braunschweig, Germany
  • “Cleaning the House”, Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela, Spain


  • “Marking the Territory” ,Irish Museum Of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland
  • “100 Selbstporträts”, Kunsthaus Erfurt, Germany
  • “Yingmei Duan und Finn Richardt”, Birkrod Kunstforenning, Denmark


  • “Cleaning the House”, Domaine de Kerguéhennec, France, 2000
  • “Wer hat Angst vor Roger Whittaker?”, Staedt. Museum Zwickau, Germany,2000
  • “Yingmei Duan und Finn Richardt”, Schlossgalerie Eichhofen, Germany, 1999
  • “To add one meter to an anonymous mountain” , (Collective work by the Beijing East Village artists) Los Angeles, Venice, Hong Kong etc.


  • “Herbst Salon”, Kunsthaus Erfurt, Germany, 1996
  • “2nd Joint Exhibition of Chinese Professional Painter's Work”, Ammonal Gallery, Beijing, China,1994
  • “100 young artists”, China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China,1993[1]


Duan Yingmeim has concentrated on performance and installation art during her art life. In her artistic practice, she often combines the sounds, voice, language, installations and performance, and she also works with people who different ages, different culture and social backgrounds. Writer GuLing says that "she put forward the concept of 'everyday performance art' and 'equality cooperation' and practiced it."[2]

Duan is be wild about observing life. Many of her work revolves around the exploration of primitive human instincts. Her performances reflect human emotions such as fear, excitement, desire and love.[3]

Duan Yingmei learned "how to cooperate with others and communicate with society" from Christoph Schlingensief. Due to the influence of the social disadvantaged subjects in Christoph Schlingensief's works on her,[4] Duan connects performance with severe illnesses and hopeless situations such as autism, poverty, and inspires people with such art, showing that life can be bright and exciting. [5]

In 2008, duan released her first music album, "Forty Eight Years Ago, the Road an Ocean"(四十八年前路途是海洋). The album is composed by Han Xiaohan. and was released in June 2018 at Capsule Shanghai. This is Duan's first music album. Prior to this, she has used sound in her installations and performances. In her artistic career, she met some artists who used sound to create works, such as Li Yanzeng, Xu Xiaoguo and Zuoxiao Zuzhou. Influenced by them, Duan Yingmei produced the idea of ​​creating a music album. This album incorporates Duan's previous performance art, and she hopes to spread her passionate performance art through this well-known art medium.[6]

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