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Drone or UAV are an aircraft without a human aboard and for advancing this technology, numerous companies are developing drones for multiple usages.

List of Drone companies in India.[edit]

S. No. Company Name Founded year Operations Founders Product and Services
1. DNAEROSPACE PRIVATE LIMITED[1] 2018 Manufacturing/ Services[2] Durgesh Nandan/ Arpita Priyadarshini Hawkcrest drone series, Process IT arc and UAV mapping services[3]
2. IDEAFORGE TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED[4] 2007 Manufacturing/ Services[5] Ankit mehta, Rahul Singh and Ashish Bhat Netra series[6], Q series
3. SKYLARK DRONES PRIVATE LIMITED[7] 2013 Services[8] Mrinal Pai, Mughilan Ramasamy Thiru Mapping services
4. TERRA DRONE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED[9] 2018 Services[10] Prateek Srivastava, Kota Kandori and Nikita Malviya Mapping services
5. EDALL SYSTEMS LLP[11] 2016 Services Manubhupendra Singh Atwal and Neeraj Kumarpal Shah Mapping Services


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