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Drag App
IndustryCollaborative software
FoundersDuda Bardavid
Nick Timms
Area served
ProductsDrag Chrome Extension

Drag App is a collaborative software company that turns Gmail into a collaborative workspace for teams. It was accelerated by Techstars Boston.[1] and has been featured in a number of technology publications such as Inc. Magazine[2], Lifehacker[3] and Mashable[4]


The company was founded by Duda Bardavid and Nick Timms. [5] Duda has an engineering background and completed 1 year of the MBA Program at MIT Sloan School of Management.[6] Nick has previously founded Whoisvisiting.com (SaaS), ReplyUp.com (SaaS) and BEAF (Innovation agency), showcased on Fox News.[7]

Drag was launched in 2018 and has an average rating close to 5-stars on the various platforms where is it listed.[8][9]


Drag is built in JavaScript and CSS. Upon installation, users connect the plugins to their G Suite account via OAuth and do not share their password with the program. It can be found in the Chrome Web Store.


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