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"Dōki no Sakura" (同期の桜, Synchronized cherry blossoms) is a Japanese gunka (composition of military music) During the late stages of the Pacific War, it was sung throughout Japan.[citation needed] It compares cherry blossoms with the destiny of soldiers who graduated from a military academy.[1] The song was composed by Nōshō Ōmura [ja]. Although Yaso Saijō [ja] was thought to have written the original lyrics, he did not write the lyrics directly.[2]

Originally released as "Sen'yū no Uta" (戦友の唄, Song of comrades) in 1939, the third and fourth verses were not added along with the original first, second and fifth verses until around 1944.[3] In the revised version, the story of two kamikaze pilots was established. In the song, although a pilot dies, his bond with another surviving pilot remains strong.[4] Before their mission, kamikaze pilots would sing "Dōki no Sakura" together.[5][6]


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