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Dhindhor is a village in behror tehsil of alwar district in Rajasthan. It is located at the border of Rajasthan with haryana. Major languages spoken are Haryanavi and hindi. Demographically it is habitated by gurjars of cahndela clan with hints of rawat and some muslims also. Major religion practiced is Hinduism. Unity of the village is paramount. Social harmony and cohesion are the pillars on which the village is thriving.

Geographically it is located at the Piedmont of aravali range and have a great penchant for conserving the wildlife and the mountain ranges itself as it has been a part of culture. It's nearby villages are Gadoj, Tasing, Nalota, Morund, Neamatpur, Gotadi etc.

Economy is generally based on agriculture ever since it's inception. Lately There is a trend of cash crops, carrots mostly, in the village which helped in the flourishment of the village.

There are two temples, one is of devnarayan ji and another one is of rupdas maharaj. Peoples are staunch followers and devotees of both the gurus. Religion activities are mostly focused especially in the mansoon season.

From the last decade there is an emphasis on education in the village by the virtue of which some students are doing good academically.