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Deshawn White
Birth nameMcArthur Deshawn White
BornJuly 3, 1986
Johnson City, TN
GenresHip-Hop & Rap
Occupation(s)Rapper, Entrepreneur
Years active2007-Present
Labels323 Records, Full Grind Productions (Former)

Deshawn White (born July 3, 1986) is a Christian American rapper. He has released three albums and one E.P.: My Story (2007), E.T. Phone Home (2010), Before the Ceiling Falls (2015), and Power Trip (2019). His E.P. Power Trip (2019) is his most recent body of work.[1]

Early Life[edit]

He was born on July 3, 1986, in Johnson City, Tennessee, the son of Grace White, where his younger sibling was born, Whitney White, while they were eventually raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He and his family currently live in his hometown, Johnson City, Tennessee.

Music Career[edit]

In November of 2007, shortly after releasing his first studio album titled 'My Story', he began opening for all the major artists who visited the Tri-Cities area, his popularity grew quickly, and he landed a single on a local radio station. He has since released two more albums and one E.P.: E.T. Phone Home (2010), Before the Ceiling Falls (2015), and E.P. Power Trip (2019).

One notable event occurred in February of 2012 when he was arrested on past drug charges. Though the charges didn’t stick, this was yet again another wake-up call for him. During this time he got involved in a local church and continued on his journey to turned his life around. Back in the studio around the year 2013, he released a few Christian Hip-Hop songs and features such as Never Let Me Down,[2] I'm Young,[3] and Hear Me.[4]

On November 14, 2018, he released two singles 'Power Trippin', which charted at #84 on Digital Radio Tracker (DRT) Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Charts on April 27th, 2019,[5][6] and 'Dance Party'[7].[8] On April 23rd, 2019, he released his first E.P. titled, ‘Power Trip[9][10], which featured the single Power Trippin, Dance Party, and America. He continues to release music as an artist on 323 Records.

He released an official music video to his single 'Power Trippin' on January 2, 2019. He continues to release music as an artist on 323 Records.

Album/Song Releases


In 2017, Deshawn moved his family from his hometown, Johnson City, Tennessee, to Umatilla, Florida to Pastor at Victory Church. White made the local news for being the first African American pastor to ever be on staff at the church. In September of 2017, Deshawn's contract ended at the church and he decided to move back home to Johnson City, Tennessee. White shifted his focus to being involved locally with a team of pastors, law enforcement officers, and other leaders working together to promote racial reconciliation.[11]


Before the Ceiling Falls (2015)

Dance Party (2018)

Power Trippin (2018)

Power Trip (2019)

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