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Death Mark
Developer(s)Experience Inc.
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
ReleasePlayStation Vita
PlayStation 4
  • JP: January 2018
  • NA: 2019
  • EU: 2019
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
  • WW: 2019
Genre(s)Visual novel

Death Mark (死印, Shiin) is a horror visual novel adventure game released for the Playstation Vita in 2017, and subsequently ported to additional platforms. The game concerns investigation of the eponynmous cursed mark which eats away memories and kills its victims within days.


The player takes the role of an initially unnamed male protagonist who has forgotten his name due to the Death Mark that he has on his right hand. After being invited to the mansion of a spiritual medium; he is assisted by the mansion's caretaker, a mysterious living doll named Mary. Each chapter of the story involves the protagonist helping others who have been afflicted by the mark and confronting the spirits responsible.


The story is told in standard visual novel format, while the investigative aspects of the game are done in adventure game format with puzzle solving and item collecting. The game also includes some mild survival aspects as the player is given a health bar in the form of a "Spirit Power" meter, which can filled beyond its initial level by collecting talismans.

Occasionally, the player will be given a challenge in the form of a timed choice in which the amount of time they have to answer a question is determined by how much Spirit Power they have. If the player answers incorrectly, they will lose Spirit Power. Allowing the meter to reach zero results in a Game Over.

Near the end of each chapter, during a confrontation with an enemy spirit, the player character must defend themselves in a turned-based battle. The player is accompanied by another mark bearer during this battle and is allowed to use two different items per turn. Depending on the outcome of the battle, the spirit will either be saved or destroyed, which in turn affects the outcome of the chapter.

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