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Chief Mountain

Cowboy Smithx (born January 31, 1982) is a Blackfoot filmmaker from the Piikani Nation and Kainai Nation in Southern Alberta.[1] He has acted in, co-produced, and directed a few short films and music videos. His best known work is a full feature documentary co-produced with Chris Hsiung called, Elder in the Making.[2] It is a film about reconciliation between non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.


In 2008, Cowboy Smithx was employed as a youth worker in East Vancouver, Canada.[3] The organization he worked for is KAYA, which stands for the, 'Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association'.[4] Cowboy Smithx is a 2008 graduate from the Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking Program at Capilano University.[5] The film Smithx co-produced, Elder in the Making, will be used as an optional learning resource within Alberta schools to teach and share Indigenous ontological epistemologies.[6] Smithx said today's youth have an opportunity through their use of convenient media opportunities to advocate for change in their communities.[7]

Film Work[edit]

  • October 2016: Cree Code Talker, co-produced by Alexandra Lazarowich & Cowboy Smithx.[8]
  • September 2016: Elder in the Making, co-produced by Chris Hsiung & Cowboy Smithx.[9]
  • 2013: Music Video-Dancin' on the Run, produced by Cowboy Smithx.[10]
  • 2013: Music Video-Red Winter, co-produced by Cowboy Smithx.[11]
  • November 2011: Music Video-2 Hour Parking, directed by Cowboy Smithx.[12]
  • July 2011: Bloodland (a short experimental film produced by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers), acting role by Cowboy Smithx.[13]
  • September 2005: Crookz, acting role by Cowboy Smithx[14]


  • April 2017: Cowboy Smithx and co-producer Alexandra Lazarowich of,' Cree Code Talker,' are nominees for best short non-fiction film at the 2017 Alberta Film and Television Awards.[15]
  • May 2016: Elder in the Making receives an award from the, Alberta Film & Television Awards and Alberta Media Production Industries Association, for best documentary over 30 minutes[16]
  • April 2016: Cowboy Smithx and fellow co-producer, Alexandra Lazarowich, win first place at the HotDocs Bravo Factual Short Film Pitching Competition. They use this monetary award to finance the ,'Cree Code Talker,' short film[17]

  • Cowboy Smithx recently founded the REDx Speaker Series. This production serves as a platform for reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Peoples[18]
  • Smithx is the main stakeholder of his motion picture and film company, Eccentricus Imagery, which has been based in Vancouver B.C. since 2005[19]


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