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Convergytics Solutions pvt. ltd
Private limited company
HeadquartersIncorporated headquarters in Bangalore, India.
Area served
Seattle, Washington
Key people
ServicesAnalytical solutions, technology services, outsourcing
RevenueGrowing startup
Number of employees

Convergytics plc is a private limited, Analytics solutions, Client servicing company. Fusion of various data sources around the multiple touch-points customers have with a brand led to the name Convergytics as well as the logo with the 3 Crescents converging onto each other.


Formation and early years[edit]

Convergytics was founded in 2012 by Sanjeev Mishra, Randhir Hebbar and Santhosh Atre. When convergytics started it was in a small garage office above Randhir's house. Convergytics Vision was to enable & empower organizations to get the bigger picture of their businesses through Big Data. And in the process to transform analytics from a cost-center to a profit-center by offering high-impact analytics that deliver value analytic solutions to business entities. While Convergytics mission followed to help organizations adapt to the constantly changing market landscape by going beyond traditional analytics to make actionable data-driven decisions and achieve decision-driven ROI.

Emergence of Convergytics[edit]

Convergytics is one among the prominent startups in the emerging world of Analytics. On June 16, 2012 the leaders launched The word "Convergytics" is supposedly derived from "converge the 3 Cs of Creation of Analytics, Consumption of Analytics and Correction of Analytics ". Convergytics engaged in many interesting and ambitious projects though the initial ones did not turn out to be a large contract until one of the clients took the challenge to give Convergytics a large project and the actual timeframe to finish the project was 6 weeks where they had a cut- off only for 2 weeks and then spending over nights with 2-3 hours of sleep they finally finished the project and they luckily they did not have to wait too long and they had a positive feedback from the clients and that's when Convergytics twitch off the ground.

Bangalore headquarters[edit]

In June 2012, Convergytics was in Bangalore, India. While India is the company's headquarters for Operations, much of the operational administration occurs here. And the subsidiary of it was opened in Seattle, Washington after a year in 2013 which focused more on sales and client servicing.

Services and Operations[edit]

A worldmap showing the countries where Convergytics has operations as of 2012 (coloured in blue)]] Convergytics organizes its services and people in many primary cross-functional groupings. Convergytics client engagement teams typically consist of a combination of Analytics Domain knowledge, Past experience accomplishments and Statistical knowledge professionals with local market knowledge.

Operating Groups[edit]

As most consulting firms, Convergytics operates in a matrix structure. The first axis is dedicated to the operating groups, or industries of its clients. Broadly, the major Operating groups are:

  • CRM and Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Social Media
  • Supply Chain
  • Digital

Where we focus on:

  • Retail
  • Consumer package goods
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Health & Public Services

All the Operating sectors compromises around Convergytics have 35 people today and work with over 20+ companies across the globe including several Fortune 500 Companies industry subgroups that focus on industry evolution, business issues, and applicable technologies.

Growth Platforms[edit]

  • Convergytics Digital was also launched in December 2013 to provide clients with digital marketing, analytics and mobility services.
  • Convergytics Digital is also developing the social media analytics tool.
  • Convergytics Digital was also launching their own Analytics Tool.

Marketing, branding and identity[edit]

Convergytics advertising is still on the process and they are developing an application for the common man and business firms where Analytics would be useful for them.

Awards and Honors[edit]

  • Convergytics is listed on the Global Brands Magazine Awards, 2014 at Dubai as the "Fastest Growing Analytics Firm in Asia.


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