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Checkbook.io is a fintech company based in San Mateo, California, focused on refining the current system of “Push Payments,” specifically Paper Checks. Checkbook.io built a method to send checks digitally via email or through any other online mechanism.

Originally based in Sunnyvale, California, Checkbook.io was founded in 2015 by PJ Gupta and is currently located in San Mateo.[1]. In March of 2016, Checkbook.io’s platform was released in public beta. As of 2018, Checkbook has reached 2 million Digital Check users [2].They are funded by stalwart investors in Silicon Valley, including Tim Draper, AngelList founders, etc.

Consumer Education[edit]

Instant Pay[edit]

  • With Instant Pay, Checkbook allows businesses and individuals to push money instantly without collecting sensitive account details, such as an account or routing number. Money can be deposited without the need for recipients to sign up or remember login information [3]

Checks + Invoices[edit]

  • Checkbook’s Digital Checks and Invoice options enable users to send a variety of solutions (multiple checks, recurring payments) while only needing the recipient’s name, email, and the amount needed to send.


  • Checkbook’s web interface gives users the opportunity to create their own Marketplace without needing to write any code. Through Checkbook, Marketplaces can accept and send money to third parties, business, and individuals.

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