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Private limited company

Maritime Software

Headquarters6 Mollison Avenue

Enfield, Middlesex

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8 Offices
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ChartCo is a British technology business specialising in digital navigation and compliance software for the shipping industry.

The company operates within the commercial shipping and superyacht industries, with it's focus on digital navigation services and voyage compliance.[1]

Although ChartCo's roots were in the supply of navigational charts and marine technical publications, they now provide software products to shipping company owners and managers through their ChartCo OneOcean platform.[2]

Business units[edit]

The business focuses its operations in three core business areas:

Commercial shipping




Pre the 1990s: Formation and Evolution[edit]

Prior to 2016 ChartCo was part of Kelvin Hughes, a UK-based company specialising in the design and manufacture of navigation and surveillance systems for the global commercial marine market and government. Kelvin Hughes’ history traces back to the 18th century, when the Hughes family were clockmakers in the east end of London, supplying sextants and marine chronometers to ships coming into the River Thames.

1947 was the year Kelvin & Hughes Ltd was formed, by the merger between instrument manufacturing firms of Henry Hughes & Son Ltd and Kelvin Bottomley & Baird Ltd.

Kelvin & Hughes Ltd was originally a part of Smith's Industries Ltd founded in 1944 as the successor of S Smith & Son Ltd. The original company later went in to liquidation, but the name was continued as Kelvin Hughes, a division of Smiths Group plc. In 2007 the management team bought Kelvin Hughes out from the Smiths Group to create a stand alone entity.

In the 1950’s they formed the Charts and Maritime Supplies division (CAMS), selling paper charts and publications.

The 1970’s saw a great step forward for Kelvin Hughes, with the proposal by the UKHO (UK Hydrographic Office) to commercially produce chart correction tracings.

During the 1980’s the business saw significant growth and went on to acquire their biggest competitor at that time, J.D. Potter Ltd. The Leisure business was formed and the early signs of computerisation of the business emerged.

During the early 1990’s the CAMS division was enhanced with the acquisitions of Brown and Perring (London) and Observator (Rotterdam) to become the largest Chart Agent in the world, and in 1998 the ChartCo brand was formed as a joint venture between Kelvin Hughes and Fugro, running as a separate business. ChartCo was marketed as both the company and the product and ran alongside CAMS, the paper chart and publications-supplying part of Kelvin Hughes.  

The company began providing basic navigational data to vessels electronically, using Inmarsat broadcast technology. Soon after, technologies evolved and allowed ChartCo to start recording usage and compliance of navigation data held on vessels. In recent years the company’s digital navigation and regulations portfolio has increased.

2012-2016: Setting Foundations for the Future[edit]

In 2014 ChartCo and the Kelvin Hughes’ CAMS division merged to form KH Charts, and in 2016 the business changed its name to ChartCo once again as a result of a management buy out from Kelvin Hughes, becoming an independent company, part owned by Equistone Partners Europe.[3] [4]

2016–to date: New Management, Acquisition and Growth[edit]

Since the management buyout in June 2016, the business has been under the leadership of Martin Taylor, becoming its CEO following a six year period as Managing Director business.

Over the next two year period, Taylor, supported by Sam Samra as CFO, appointed Peter McNaney as CTO[5] and Howard Stevens as CCO, the business now focusing on a digital-first mentality. When Taylor first took up his senior post, the business had its software installed on just over 2,000 vessels globally. Today the figure stands at over 10,000.[6]

The company's latest developments include a partnership with MeteoGroup to provide weather routeing technology[7], and with Klappir Green Solutions[8] with the focus on digital logbooks. [9][10]

In 2014 ChartCo acquired Regs4ships, and in 2016 Docmap (Norway), and likewise Marine Position (Sweden), expanding its product portfolio.

In 2018 the business won the SMART4SEA eNavigation Award for accomplishments in facilitating the transition to digital navigation in commercial shipping.


Today ChartCo offers digital navigation and compliance products to the maritime software market.

ChartCo OneOcean is a digital platform for e-navigation and compliance.[11] This software integrates existing compliance monitoring and management tools, giving mariners and shoreside teams information through a range of applications - PassageManager, Regs4ships, EnviroManager, Docmap and FleetManager.

PassageManager is an application for managing digital and paper navigational outfits and updates, passage planning, weather forecasting and routing.[12]

Regs4ships, an integrated digital product for ensuring compliance with maritime regulations, allowing access to IMO, ILO and EU legislation.[13]

EnviroManager, an application focusing on maritime environmental regulations and compliance services, covering national as well as international MARPOL regulations.[14]

Docmap, a digital document management system giving mariners the information to meet obligations under the ISM Code, managing company documents and forms, incident reporting, risk assessment and audits, while maintaining each vessel in synchronisation with the master shore-based system.[15]

FleetManager, launched in January 2018, is a situational awareness tool offering real-time, global visibility of fleets. It gives shore-based teams access to live ship management and data tracking, identifying deviations from approved passage plans, and ensuring MARPOL compliance.[16][17] [18]


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