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Ceraphin Radio Network
TypeCommercial broadcasting
First air date
November 10, 2017 (22 months ago) (2017-11-10)
FoundedNovember 10, 2017; 22 months ago (2017-11-10)
MottoYour Network, Your Stations
(Votre Réseau, Vos Stations)
Broadcast area
AreaCanada, France, Haiti, Africa, Dominican Republic, United States
ParentCeraphin Network (100%)
Key people
Werley Nortreus (CEO)
Launch date
November 10, 2017, Canada
AffiliationRadio Canada International, WRN Broadcast

Ceraphin Radio Network.[1] is a radio broadcasting network company[2] in Canada that owns and operate more than 5 major internet radio stations[3]. It was founded in November 2017[4] and it owns radio stations in 6 countries[5] in total. Its owned radio stations[6] broadcast music, news, current affairs, sports, spoken words, and entertainment worldwide and it has featured Artists[7] too. The radio network is run by Werley Nortreus[8], the CEO and Founder of the radio network[9]. Ceraphin Radio Network[10], itself is owned by Ceraphin Network[11] with a 100% ownership.


Ceraphin Radio Network[12] is one of the largest radio networks in Canada that operate more than 5 major internet radio stations[13] in 6 countries in general. During 2018, Ceraphin Radio Network[14] was nominated at RTDNA Canada during that time for its service to the community[15] and for its global impact. All of its radio stations are reaching out to millions of people worldwide[16] and they are getting millions and millions of impressions[17] online.

The radio network operates stations[18] in Canada, France, Haiti, Africa, Dominican Republic, United States and they all are serving and helping the world become a better place by streaming music and entertainment worldwide[19].

Ceraphin Radio Network[20] also operates top lists[21], including a top-ranked list[22] called 'Bon Déjeuner! Radio- Top 10[23]', which goals are to publish songs and Artists[24] on the charts each week, similar to Top40-Charts and Billboard 200. It was launched in 2017 and it is created to provide charts and more[25]

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