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Cati Gonzalez is a Spanish-born NYC Fashion and street photographer[1] turned Screenwriter, Film director.[2]

Her photography has been published in Photo (French magazine), i-D, Spin (magazine)[3], Vogue (magazine), Colors (magazine), Vibe (magazine)[4], Interview (magazine), Paper (magazine), Trace (magazine), Surface (magazine), Libération, El País, Mademoiselle (magazine), New York (magazine) and has worked with celebrities such as Director David Cronenberg[5], Russell Simmons, Notorious B.I.G.[6], Pharrell Williams, The Ramones, David Byrne, Thurston Moore, Chloe Sevigny, Jaime King, Common (rapper), Beenie Man among others. She has also worked on various music artists's album covers for Sony, Warner Bros., and Atlantic Records. Her work can be seen on her official website. [7]

She has received many awards for her work such as, Festival De Le Mode Exhibition, Nice, France, The American Photography Magazine Awards, Photo (French magazine) listed as "Photographers of the Future" and Macy's Windows Art Photographers Exhibition, 2007.

The fashion photographer later transitioned into moving images in 2012. In that same year she wrote, directed and filmed her first Independent film titled Ekaj[8], which is currently signed to the Los Angeles based distribution company Indie Rights.[9]

The Film was selected and screened at sixty five Film Festivals worldwide and won it's first award for "Best Film" at the NY Urban Arts Festival in Tribeca, NYC. Since then, her film has picked up a total of twenty nine awards and multiple nominations between the years 2016 and 2018.[10]

Gonzalez's screenplays, have won awards and nominations at several screenwriting competitions in 2018 and 2019, such as Fabrique due Cinema Awards [11], Oaxaca Film Festival, Katra Film Series [12], Newark International Film Festival [13], Near Nazareth Festival [14], Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes [15], Snow Town Film Festival [16], Queen Palm International Film Festival [17], Pinnacle Film Awards, Meraki Film Festival and others.


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