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Camp Lee Mar is a seven-week, co-ed, residential summer program/overnight camp for children and young adults with special needs. It is located in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The campers at Lee Mar are ages 7-21, and come to the camp from all over the world. Facilities at Camp Lee Mar include a private lake, pool, camping grounds, zip line, garden, amphitheater, art rooms, playground, basketball court, tennis courts, gazebo, soccer field, football field, and baseball/softball/kickball field. The camp also has educational areas such as academic classrooms, speech rooms, and a full apartment for functional learning. [1]

Campers at Lee Mar have a variety of diagnoses, including:

Sign at the front of the camp
Camp Lee Mar
LocationLackawaxen, Pennsylvania
TypeSpecial Needs
SeasonJune to August
WebsiteCamp Lee Mar
The camp's private lake at sunset, with the Pocono Mountains in the background



Many of Camp Lee Mar's activities can be part of an Extended School Year (ESY) program:


Camp Lee Mar's speech program is led by an ASHA-certified speech pathologist who is assisted by speech pathology students. These staff members create individual plans for every camper that are followed during the summer. The program focuses on functional communication including pragmatic language, expressive/receptive language, and articulation. The speech facility has books, games, iPads, and other tools to assist the campers.


Lee Mar's teachers and teaching students develop personalized plans to help the campers grow as learners and thinkers. Some material is taken from campers' schools, while other material is provided by Camp Lee Mar. [2]

One of the camp's air conditioned bunks

Vocational and Occupational Job Training[edit]

Many campers hold jobs at camp, with coaching and support from the academic staff.

Occupational Therapy[edit]

Lee Mar has a professional occupational therapist that leads exercises and games with a focus on performing daily tasks such as using writing utensils, getting dressed, and eating a meal.

Daily Living[edit]

Here, Lee Mar campers cook food, clean a house, wash a car, and do other activities that are done in everyday life.

Physical Therapy Skills[edit]

Campers work on gross motor skills, core strength, and coordination. These skills can then be practiced and generalized at other camp activities such as tennis, paddle boating, and hockey.[3]

Other Activities[edit]

Camp Lee Mar's pool

There are many activities at Lee Mar that could be found in traditional camps including:

Adventure Sports The Arts Water
Camping Baseball Arts and Crafts Free Play Swim
Gardening Basketball Drama Instructional Swim
Hiking Football Music and Movement Fishing
Horseback Riding Hockey Photography Paddle Boating
Science and Nature Kickball
Science Soccer
Ziplining Tennis

L.I.F.E. Program[edit]

The L.I.F.E. program is a transition program offered to veteran Lee Mar campers. Participants in the L.I.F.E. program live in small, private cabins (each sleeping up to 3 campers and 1 counselor) providing age appropriate grouping with the least restrictive structure. The L.I.F.E. program also has a full apartment with a large kitchen, washer and dryer, two bathrooms, a living room, and bedroom that are used for functional education and to build experience. [4]



Camp Lee Mar's three directors have more than 100 years of combined experience working with special needs individuals, and 86 years in the camping industry.[5]


Lee Mar's staff are from all over the United States and the world. Many are professionals in their industry, such as teachers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and nurses. Other staff members are college students studying fields that are related to their roles at camp.


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