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Pictorial map of Galveston, Texas (1871)

Camille N. Drie, also known as Camille N. Dry, was a draughtsman active from ca. 1871 to 1904 in the United States. Drie created pictorial maps of various cities including a 110-sheet view of St. Louis, Missouri (1875). The Library of Congress has a collection of his work.[1]

Part of the pictorial map of St. Louis including a list of landmarks
Eads Bridge 1875.jpg
Pictorial map of Anniston, Alabama (c. 1903)
Pictorial map of Birmingham, Alabama (1903)

Drie also produced pictorial maps of Galveston, Texas; Anniston, Alabama,[2] and Vicksburg, Mississippi.[3]

He worked with Richard J. Compton on the St. Louis mapping project.[4]

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