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The Cabka Group is a group of companies specializing in recycling and plastics processing.[1][2] It was founded in 1993 by Gat Ramon in the Thuringian city of Weira and is now headquartered in Berlin.[3] Cabka has evolved from a recycling company to a worldwide group of companies for the processing of household and industrial waste into value-adding end products. This includes pallets, boxes, and floor fittings.[4] The company's products are used in more than 80 countries in virtually every industry, for example in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the retail sector, the food and beverage industry, and the automotive industry.[5][6]

Cabka Group
Industryplastics recycling, plastics processing
Key people
Gat Ramon,[7] Tim Litjens
Revenueapprox. 118 million euros[8]
Number of employees
Websitewww.cabka.com und www.cabka-ips.com

The group consists of the Cabka Group holding company and its subsidiaries. The company's gross turnover in 2015 was about 118 million euros.[10] Cabka has production sites in Germany, Spain, Belgium, and the United States, with more than 700[11] employees.

Company profile[edit]

Business sectors[edit]

Cabka consists of the business segments Material Handling (MH) and EcoProducts.

Cabka-IPS Material Handling[edit]

Cabka Material Handling sells plastic material under the Cabka-IPS brand. Today, Cabka-IPS produces more than 70 types of pallets. The portfolio includes:

• Export pallets

Multi-trip pallets

Hygiene pallets

Pallet boxes

• Folding boxes

Cabka MH products are available in different material qualities. This ranges from inexpensive recycled polyolefin (PO) plastic to food-grade HDPE virgin material. The company's goal is to produce logistics solutions that are primarily made from recycled plastics.

Cabka EcoProducts[edit]

EcoProducts from Cabka are technical products made from 100% recycled plastic, which is mainly household packaging waste.[12] These product lines are primarily used in garden-and landscape construction (GALA) as well as in construction and transport[13][14] and include:

• Flexible lawn grids

• Palisade with negative fillet

• Mobile construction fence carrier

• Inflow plates for bio-filtration equipment

• Flexible speed bumps

Business overview[edit]

The Cabka Group serves two independent product areas with its two business divisions, Material Handling and EcoProducts. The focus of both is on producing new products from recycled plastics. These are derived from industrial scrap, household packaging waste, and from obsolete products that have been returned. The aim is to keep these reusable materials in a closed cycle through close cooperation with the customer.

To obtain the stock, the raw materials are sorted and then processed in the company's own recycling facilities in a dry, mechanical process, without dissolving them chemically or thermally. The stock materials gained are used according to their material properties and then mixed together for the product development. This means that essentially any product and any customer-specific solution can be produced from our specially developed material mixture. Within this field, Cabka specializes in difficult-to-separate mixed plastics and composite materials. The company has many years of experience in recycling these materials.

Cabka combines three production stages under one roof with material extraction, product development, and production. In this highly vertically integrated value chain, the company acts as supplier, service provider, and manufacturer all in one.

Cabka already pursues a resource-saving manufacturing philosophy merely through the production of products from recycled materials. Energy is saved by merging recycling and production at the same location. Keeping distances between the individual production stages to a minimum also has a positive effect on the energy balance sheet, as excessive CO2 emissions from transport are avoided.


The production sites of Cabka are located in Weira, Genthin and Bad Münstereifel (DE), Ypres and Herstal (BE) as well as in Valencia (ES) and St. Louis. The Cabka Group has been headquartered in Berlin since 2012.[15][6]

Company history[edit]

Cabka was founded in 1993 by Gat Ramon. The entrepreneur came to Germany at the end of the 1970s. In the years that followed, he went on to develop effective technologies for the processing of difficult-to-mix plastics under the name Recover Systems in Weira near Jena.[16] In 1998, the company acquired Cabka Plast, which was established in 1977, and changed the name of the entire group to Cabka.[17]

Due to the strong demand for plastic pallets, Cabka also produced in the United States from 2005 and opened its own recycling and production facilities in St. Louis, Missouri shortly thereafter. As part of the company's internationalization, Cabka has also been manufacturing in Spain since 2009, where it has its own sales office and warehouse. In 2012, Cabka and the Belgian company IPS (Innova Packaging Systems NV), founded in 1988, merged under the umbrella of the newly founded Cabka Group.[18][19] Under the management of Gat Ramon as the managing partner, the new brand Cabka-IPS offers a wide range of plastic pallets. In subsequent years, the Group acquired further companies, including Eryplast,[20][21] KS Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co.,[22] and Systec Mixed Plastics GmbH (SMP). SMP was previously part of Duales System Holding, which operates the Der Grüne Punkt brand.[23][14]

Social commitment[edit]

Initiated by Managing Director Gat Ramon, Cabka is committed to various social projects. The following projects have been implemented under the maxim "Making connections":

• Together with the Peres Center for Peace,[24] the company organized a week-long trip to Germany and joint participation in the Fairplay Soccer Tour for eight children from Palestine and Israel.[25]

• Support of the education center Knau[26][27]

• Support of the Young Philharmonic Orchestra Jerusalem[28]

• Sponsor of the initiative "Mein Kunstfest" of the Kunstfest Weimar[29][30]

• Host of the traveling exhibition "Anne Frank a story for today" and planting of twelve commemorative chestnut trees - offshoot of the chestnut, which are described by Anne Frank in her diary.[31][32]


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