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Brian MacDougall
MacDougall (centre) performing with The Yummy Fur in 2010
Background information
OriginGlasgow, Scotland
GenresIndie rock
Occupation(s)Guitarist, singer, songwriter
Associated acts

Brian MacDougall[edit]

is a Scottish musician and songwriter. He is currently a part-time postman as well as the guitarist for indie rock band The Yummy Fur. He has previously played guitar for the indie bands The Manxish boys, played live with New York band concréte Dymaxion and currently plays guitar and sings with Glasgow band Fanny magnet featuring members of Lung Leg and The Keatons.


The Manxish boys[edit]

MacDougall formed The Manxish boys in 1991 in Glasgow, Scotland taking vocal and guitar duties. The band also comprised of Lawrence Worthington(guitar, Bass) and his younger brother David(guitar). Live they were joined by Pastels drummer Katrina Mitchell. They released 2 official tracks, 'Viva Knievel' on Vesuvius records 1995 'In Spelunca' compilation POMP001 and Tijuana bible on Bosque records 'Humpy Bosque' cassette compilation.

The Yummy Fur[edit]

In 1992 MacDougall joined the then, three piece The Yummy Fur at the suggestion of Manxish boy band mate Lawrence Worthington who had been drafted in as their new drummer, with founder member John McKeown (vocals, guitar) and Mark Leighton (Bass). The adding of a second guitar was a conscious attempt to move away from the cartoonish very short early songs and develop a more accomplished twin guitar sound. He appeared on all albums and singles except the first 2 7" singles and penned the track 'Colonel Blimp' with John McKeown on the Male shadow at 3 o' clock 10". MacDougall pre-emptively left the band in 1999 but later re-joined for the last gig later that year. As of 2009, the 10 year anniversary, He is currently still playing and touring with The Yummy Fur.

Vesuvius Records[edit]

In 1995 MacDougall co-founded Vesuvius Records along with Pat Crook and Marc Baines. As creative director he illustrated several record sleeves throughout the life of the label. Providing cover artwork for records by ganger, LungLeg and The Yummy Fur along with label logo and promotional artwork.

Fanny magnet[edit]

Since 2018 he has played guitar and sings with Glasgow band Fanny magnet featuring members of Lung Leg and The Keatons.


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