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Brian Calhoun is a luthier and founder of the Rockbridge Guitar company. He is the creator of the board game Chickapig.[1][2]


Calhoun grew up in the countryside of Rockbridge County, VA and relocated to Charlottesville, VA in his early twenties where he founded Rockbridge Guitar, an artisan business crafting high-end acoustic guitars for musicians including Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Brandi Carlile, Warren Haynes, and more.[3]


After playing a board game he deemed boring, Calhoun came up with the idea for the Chickapig game in 2013.[4][5] Guitarist Dave Matthews has partnered with Calhoun to promote the game.[6][7] The game was a finalist for a Toy Association Specialty Toy of the Year award.[8] Chickapig was the top-selling new game on Amazon.com.[9] The Virginia Institute of Autism has adopted the game as a learning tool for teaching social skills.[9] In March 2019, Target Corporation launched Chickapig in its stores, including a children's book and a plush doll.[10] Inspired by children’s excitement surround the characters of book and game, Calhoun created Chickapiglets, a game geared toward younger Chickapig fans which was announced in June 2019.[11]


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