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Breegan Jane (Bregan Jane Heuer, born January 12) is an interior designer, actress, entrepreneur, mother, and lifestyle blogger from Southern California.

Early Life

Breegan Jane was born Bregan Jane Heuer on January 12 in Tarzana, California. She was adopted by her parents, Jerry and Leanne Heuer. She has two adopted siblings, Bailey Heuer (born March 15), and Markus Heuer (born June 22). Breegan was raised in Hermosa Beach, California, and attended Hermosa Valley Elementary School, Chadwick School, and Mira Costa High School.

Career and Education

Breegan Jane got her start in the entertainment industry as a child actor and model[1] at the age of five. Over the course of 10 years, Breegan appeared in over two dozen nationally circulating commercials and print campaigns for Pepsi, Mattel, Guess, The Limited and Old Navy.

Breegan opened her own Manhattan Beach, California-based retail store, Breegan, at age 18. Shortly after opening up her retail store, Breegan created a clothing line, Mosa. The line, which consisted of silk beachwear, was distributed internationally. Breegan traveled to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to sell her line at fashion conventions.

After selling her store, Breegan attended the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles. She later designed the interiors for Leona Venice, an award-winning restaurant[2] Breegan opened with celebrity chef Nyesha Arrington in Venice Beach, California. She has since gone on to design other commercial spaces, including a technology company in Silicon Beach, and Native Restaurant,[3] named one of the "15 Hottest Restaurants in LA,"[4] in Santa Monica, California. She is currently directing the creative interior design work for the Somma Way estate in Bel Air. Breegan continues to develop and renovate residential and commercial properties for celebrities[5] in and around the Los Angeles area.

Talk Radio Host

Breegan and entertainment star T. Lopez created Mom Life Yo, a talk radio show and podcast hosted on Dash Radio, from October 2016 through December 2018.

As co-creator and co-host of Mom Life Yo, Breegan utilized her experiences as a mother and professional to share an earnest and passionate glimpse into the challenges and adventures of motherhood.

Lifestyle Blogger

Breegan created the Breegan Jane blog to unite women in global motherhood communities. She curates content for her blog and website bi-weekly, offering lifestyle advice, parenting tips, and empathetic insight to her readers.

Media Features

Breegan has been featured on ABC's live television talk show, The Chat.[6] Breegan has graced the pages of noted magazines such as Huffington Post,[7] Vogue,[8] Interiors Magazine,[9] LA Parent[10], and twice in Forbes; on both interior design trends[11] and meditation spaces[12]. She has also been featured on a host of motherhood, interior design, and fashion blogs, as well as in the morning news series KTLA 5 News[13], where her parenthood, work, and life balance tips were featured on “Easy Tips for Living With Kids But Not Looking Like It With Breegan Jane.” She was featured twice in The Los Angeles Times; in the property feature, “Home of the Day,” as well as for her design of Native Restaurant[14].


Breegan partnered with World Vision International to help raise funds for women's causes throughout Africa. Breegan traveled to Kenya with World Vision and the Kenya Education and Child Protection Project to assist in programming efforts to combat the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) in 2018. Her work with the organization resulted in a commissioned dormitory for young African girls seeking asylum away from their communities that practice FGM.

Breegan has also partnered with Union Rescue Mission to help support homeless families and children in Los Angeles. Breegan continues to travel for World Vision and participate in volunteer programs throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Breegan serves as a board member for Single Moms Planet [15], an organization dedicated to uplifting under-resourced children by providing education for mothers through comprehensive mentorship financial aid programs, family counseling, and entrepreneurial training.


Breegan has appeared in both independent and nationally promoted films and television shows. She appeared as herself in the MTV series Punk’d,[16] with Ashton Kutcher (2003) She went on to co-star in the independent film Safety[17] in 2012. Breegan was also a guest feature for The Design Network's TVN Desksides series in 2016. Her most recent work included a pilot for The Food Network television series, The Next Course.

Personal Life

Breegan has two children, Kingsley Kristian Vallas (born September 20, 2013) and Kensington Robert Vallas (born September 1, 2015).


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