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Bram Bessoff
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Background information
Born (1971-09-25) September 25, 1971 (age 48)

Bram Bessoff (Born September 25th, 1971) is a music industry executive, live music producer, creative director.[1] and advocate of music as an economic growth medium.[2] Bessoff is involved in sales reporting, SoundScan, Blllboard charting and live music production[3]. Bessoff is the principal owner and founder of Indiehitmaker[4][5]. He is an active member of The Recording Academy,[6] Georgia Music Partners and ChooseATL SXSW Music Committee Member.[7] Additionally, Bessoff is an advisory board member for the South Plains College of Creative Arts and the Young Artists Association of Ireland. Bessoff sits on the board of the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival,[8] and serves as an advocate of tax incentives for musicians.[9] He also participates in events that benefit young members of the music industry. [10][11]

Early Life[edit]

Bessoff is the son of a Naval ship doctor stationed in San Diego, CA. Bessoff's parents attended the off-broadway theatrical production of Jesus Christ Superstar, which lead to Bessoff's interest in becoming a drummer.[12].

Bessoff studied advertising at the Syracuse University S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. While attending, Bessoff formed a band named “Funky Raw Fish,” which ultimately reformed the band Soup[13][14][15]

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising, Soup planned a summer tour, which was cancelled due to a lost bass player. Bessoff settled to Atlanta after this tour.

Bessoff married Anne Rockas September 16, 2001. Bessoff and Rockas first crossed paths on tour when Soup played The at Lion’s Den (now known as Sullivan Hall) on McDougal in New York’s eastside village fall of 1997. Two months later they met by chance at Amos’ live in Charlotte NC. Rockas had just relocated from New Jersey. The two quickly developed a long distance relationship, spanning over several months, meeting up at shows on Soup’s tour circuit across the Carolinas, Georgia and Tennessee. Bessoff invited Rockas to join a family trip to visit his brother who was on an extended study abroad in China. On the second day, Bessoff proposed to Anne on the Great Wall of China using his mother’s ring only to realize it was the same day his parents got engaged. The two are happily married, raising their two children Lola & Riley in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.

Early Career[edit]

While Soup developed. Bessoff focused on his advertising portfolio, graduating with Commendations from The Portfolio Center for Art direction in 1995. To sustain life as a touring artist. Bessoff started AdNauseam, a boutique creative shop producing print, television and radio ads for clients such as Coca-cola, Cartoon Network, the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and The Morrison Agency with partner and fellow portfolio center grad Kevin McKelvey.

Music Industry[edit]

Bessoff’s music industry experience started as the drummer for Soup, a regional touring act. After its disbandment in 2001, Bessoff started SoundArt Management to help other independent artists make the jump from indie to signed. SoundArt also focused on tour management heading the Virgin College Mega Tour four years in a row, until he tour managed Atlanta indie rockers State of Man across the world with whom he soon partnered thereafter to form Indiehitmaker in 2007.

Indiehitmaker[16] helps unsigned and independent artists get on the Billboard charts without a record label or distribution deal[17]. Bessoff was the featured presenter at Music Buisiness Association Nashville 2017.[18] One of the focuses of Bessoff's work is artist rights. [19]

Bessoff also contributed to the music industry books "Navigating the Music Industry"[20], "Rock N Blues Stew II",[21] and "Jam Bands."[22] Additionally, collaborated on a book titled: "How to Build a Fan Base & Get Booked in Atlanta."[23]

He is the founder of Backstage Economic Alliance.[24]

Notable Successes[edit]

  • Tropakana - #1 Hot SIngles Sales (30+ weeks on the charts)
  • Shakila - #1 World Albums, #1 Heatseekers, #1 Hot Singles Sales
  • Stephen Edwards - Requiem for My Mother full release plan liaison/consultant & charting (TBD)
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Tyke T (article written on CD baby DIY blog)
  • William Control (Multiple charts)
  • Chuck Murphy - #1 Heatseekers
  • Jordan Woods-Robinson - The Walking Dead actor
  • Icon For Hire - left Tooth & Nail now indie, replaced their missing label services with IHM
  • Lindy Conant - Christian artist sensation #1 Top CHristian Albums, #1 Christian & Gospel, Top Ten independent album, Top 100 of the BIllboard 200


Bessoff’s expertise in technology brought IHM to life. All while touring, playing 150+ shows a year, Bessoff was the marketing & creative director, UI designer and usability expert for CompeteNet Inc., a technology company servicing clients such as IBM, HP/Compaq, Northrop Grumman, DOD (U.S. Army), Xerox, Unisys, Sun, EDS, and Scottrade. He left CompeteNet and started Blue Mountain Technologies with the company’s CTO and lead developer. Today they provide cutting edge, cross platform technology solutions for software development across the Web, cloud and mobile devices.


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