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Bluedot (formerly Bluedot Innovation)
Bluedot Innovation logo.png
Type of businessPrivate
Type of site
Location-based service
Available inEnglish
Area servedInternational
Founder(s)Filip Eldic
Emil Davityan
Current statusactive

Bluedot (formerly Bluedot Innovation) is a geofencing software company headquartered in San Francisco that enables location-based experiences for mobile apps such as optimized mobile order pick ups (click and collect, BOPIS), automated check-ins, and mobile payments for toll roads at high speed.

With a focus on research and development, Bluedot has overcome typical industry problems related to accuracy and reliability. These problems include trade-offs between high precision and battery life, latency and timeliness, personalized experiences and concerns about privacy, costly hardware and enterprise-class scalability.

By solving these problems, a new generation of location-based solutions is now possible when powered by Bluedot technology.

Geofencing Software[edit]

Bluedot provides geofencing software that supports multi-layer, complex polygon geofences without needing hardware. This hardware-free solution combined with the ability to programmatically set more than 150 million points-of-interest worldwide makes scaling simple for global brands.


Bluedot developed and operates an SDK, a software development kit embedded in mobile applications, that intelligently manages the GPS chipset on the Android and iOS platforms and provides battery efficient, precise location detection to smartphones.

By managing the battery drain stemming from constant GPS tracking, Bluedot’s SDK enables smartphones to react to and perform actions when entering areas as precise as 10 meters wide - 20X the precision of other solutions.[1] The SDK enables pre-built actions and conditions to be triggered when users enter these precise locations.

The SDK was used by two of the top five applications created during the Victorian Government Infrahack Hackathon[2]


Bluedot’s geofencing software is designed with privacy in mind by providing brands with actionable, first-party location data segmented per app install.

Bluedot never sells location data. Bluedot is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Partnerships and Enterprise Readiness[edit]

To improve mobile acquisition and engagement for enterprises, Bluedot has fully integrated with major marketing platforms, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud,[3] Oracle Marketing Cloud,[4] Airship, Swrve,[5] and more.

Bluedot has been featured in case studies by KPMG[6] and Google partner OniGroup[1] highlighting Bluedot's potential to change the way enterprises connect with their customers through high-value experiences and highly innovative technology.

Bluedot also has a licensing arrangement with CARDFREE to integrate Bluedot's cutting edge location technology into the applications of some of the largest food retail chains across the USA and Australia.[7][8]

History and Funding[edit]

Bluedot ( was founded in Adelaide, South Australia by Filip Eldic and Emil Davityan in December 2012.

Bluedot was accepted into and participated in the ANZ Innoyz START Accelerator Program in early 2013.[9] After completing the program, Bluedot raised its first round of funding and expanded its board to include the founding CFO of PayPal, David Jaques.[10]

During 2013, Bluedot opened its first official office in Melbourne, Australia. Later that year, Bluedot received a grant from the Australian Government Agency Commercialisation Australia.[11]

In June 2014, Bluedot was awarded the title of Best Startup in Australia by the Talent Unleashed Awards with judges including Steve Wozniak and Richard Branson.[12]

In 2016, Bluedot opened its global headquarters in San Francisco, CA, USA followed by two other office locations - Sydney, Australia in 2018 and Austin, Texas, USA in 2019.

In April 2018, Bluedot secured $5.5 million USD in Series A funding led by Transurban.[13] To date, Bluedot has raised over $9 million in funding, including funding from investor Jeffery Katz, formerly of Mercury Payment Systems.[14]


Bluedot’s diverse team continues to grow with employees hailing from 5 continents and over 20 countries. Collectively, the Bluedot team speaks over 25 languages.


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