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Known as the Bhatu kings, the tribe is in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana , but also in Allahabad , Lucknow , Punjab , Bengal , Bihar , Orissa , Delhi , Kashmir , Maharashtra , Sarnath , Tamil Nadu , Kerala , Karnataka , Uttar Pradesh , Rajasthan , Gujarat.The majority of states. At the end of the names 'Raja' is the Rajavarna system called 'Verma'. They are also known as Brahma Kshatriya, Pandit kings, Vedic Kshatriyas and Chandravansam kings. They are the only top caste to start with the letter alphabet in the BC caste. This is the Rajarshi tradition. Vishwamitra is the original male. King Janaka is the ideal King.

Bhattu word meaning[edit]

The word bhata comes from the word 'parbha'. The word bhata has many meanings. Bhatu means Udbhat, Vidvan, poet, scholar, and Kshatriya in the dictionary . Bhatu is said to be Agni, Swami, Yoda, and Surya. Bhatu is known as a teacher and literary expert. In the Dravidian language (Tamil), Bhatu is meant to be a phonetic word.


Bhatu is the oldest ethnic group. The Bhatta tribe was named as 'Brahmarava Bhatta' during the Gupta period. For the next 500 years, the Bhatta clan - Brahma Bhatta, Maharaj, Bhatta and Bhatta Charya - has expanded into five branches. There are many changes in the Bhatta species over time. Some branches narrow, others branches arise. At present Bhatta caste has 5 major branches and many tributaries spread all over India. Bhatta Rajputs are a branch of RajasthanIn the state, the Brahma Bhatta branch is in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the Bhattarai translation is in the states of Bihar, Bengal, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Barot in Gujarat, and Bhatu Raju in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Among the Bhatu Rajputs, 89 sage tribes are mentioned. The Bhatu kings have been known as priests for many other races. Chhatrapati Shivaji acted as a Ganga Bhatu guru to Maharaja Vikramaditya and was a Bhatala bhatti preacher to the Maharaja of Vikramaditya. The Bhatta kings were a caste of the Brahmin tribes. Thus they too have Brahmin tribes.

Kingdom administration[edit]

After the battle of Kaurava-Pandava, Dharashraja ruled the kingdom. Afterwards, the grandson of Parikshya Parikshyam became the ruler of the kingdom.

Futuristic position with Ikshawakunayam dynasty summit

Brahmakshatrasvayo yonirvanshao devarshi sattkarakam khamekam propriyarajanam organization prapsythekalou.

After the Battle of India, the Aydhya and the Hastinas kingdoms gradually lost their sovereignty with Sumitra and Kshetra, and the Brahma Kshatriyas became known as the rulers of India. The following dynasties ruled 3136 BC, becoming the 36th year before the "kingdom" of Magadha.

The 22 Barwadradha Dynasty kings were 930 sangha

5 kings of the Guruprajyothi dynasty 138 sangha

The 10 king Naga dynasty kings are 360 ​​sangha

9 Nandavansa Shudra Rajas are 100 samshas

The 12 Surya dynasty shudrajas are 316 sangha

10 Maurya Shudrajas are 399 sanghas

4 Kanva dynasty Brahmanas are 85 sans

32 Brahmakshatriya dynasties ruled 506 sanghas.

Brahmakshatriyas were the first Andhrajas. They conquered the kingdom of Magadha during the period of the Kanuvanamvam kings, not only in Andhra Pradesh.

service organizations[edit]

1.Brahma Bhatta Panchayat (Delhi) 2.Brahma Bhatta Nava Yuvak Mandal (Delhi) 3.Bhatta Seva Sangam (Lucknow) 4.Brahma Bhatta Youth Society (Uttar Pradesh) 5.Brahma Bhatta Society (Uttar Pradesh) Yuvak Sangh (Prayag) 7.Brahma Bhatta Sabha (Mathura) 8.Sri Brahma Bhatta Sabha (Jhansi) 9.Sri Brahma Bhatta Brahma Vikas Parishad (Uraya) 10.Sri Brahma Bhatta Samaj Seva Parishad (Rayabareli) 11.Gujarat Brahma Bhatta Sabha (Ahmedabad) 12. Brahma Bhatta Mandal and Bhagini Samaj (Ahmedabad) 13.Brahma Bhatta Vidyuthejak Mandal (Baroda) 14.Brahma Bhatta Samaj (Gandhinagar) 15. Brahma Bhatta Mandal (Anand) 16. Brahma Bhatta Samaj (Calcutta) 17.Bihar Prantiya Brahma Bhatta Sabha (Muzaffar) Poor) 18.Brahma Bhatta Nava Yuvak Sangh (Saran) 19.Bhatta Raja Sangh (Chennai) 20.Rajakkal Sangam (Chennai) 21.Rajula Sangh (Bangalore) 22.Bhattaraja Putra Suryadaya Sabha (Bhatlamakuttur) 23.Vidyadith Kula Deepika Bhatt Hosted by the association (pulapalli, East Godavari district), 24.

Other Things[edit]

In Sabarimalai Ayyappa Temple, Bhatturajulu continues to be priests and heirs as heirs. It is true that the Bhatta kings have been in the history of education and upliftment since the 6th century Aryabhathu. Bhattarajas were among the rulers of the kings who ranged from the Ramarajabhushan (Bhatmurthy) to one of the Ashtadigas of Sri Krishna Devaraya's court , to the kingdoms of Vanaparthi and Gadwal . These were the Bhat kings who sounded scholarly. Hence they declare themselves superior to Brahmins and are liquorThese are the people who have been living the life of the law and the rules. A few decades back, the Bhattu Brahmana Sangh was established as an association and tried to stiffen the Brahmins. Hence, they added the word 'bhatu' to the end of their names.