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Bernadett Nyári
Born (1989-01-17) January 17, 1989 (age 30)
Occupation(s)Violin virtuoso, performing artist

Ms. Bernadett Nyári (Budapest, Hungary, January 17, 1989) – Hungarian violin virtuoso artist has performed as Guest Entertainer since 2016, a status granted for the first time ever to a female Hungarian violinist. Her name appears in the Britishpedia publication entitled: Successful Professionals in Hungary since 2018.

Early Life[edit]

Born into a musical family, her maternal grandfather, József B. Suha, was a violinist and composer who graduated from the Music Academy studying under Jenő Hubay. Her older brother is a Cziffra award winning concert pianist who is presently répétiteur for the Hungarian State Opera’s Ballet company.


Her first violin teacher was Mrs. József Szász (Judit Réger) at the Budapest Music School in Nap Street. In 2003, she was accepted to the Béla Bartók Music High School and studied under Erika Tóth. In 2007, she completed her conservatory studies at the Leó Weiner Music High School, as the student of Zsuzsi Németh. At the age 18, she was accepted to the Music Academy in Graz, Austria, as the student of the world renowned soloist, Professor Silvia Marcovici.

Starting at age 15, she played with Edvin Marton, as background violinist, then from 17, she played as member of Zoltán Mága and the Angels ensemble giving concerts throughout Hungary and abroad.

Musical Career - Worldwide Success[edit]

Her international performing career already began as a young adult while she was studying at the Music Academy in Graz, Austria, where she received many opportunities to perform. At age 20, she began her solo career. Besides classical music, she set her objective to prove that the violin, as a musical instrument, is capable of bringing to life any type of musical style. Her concert named: Miles of Styles has reached all parts of the world and by the time she turned 30, she had performed in over 90 countries. Her unique musical perspective characterizes her performances during which she is able to express her own ideas/concepts. Her ars poetica is that music is the most beautiful international language which makes everything possible. Her album, Miles of Styles, came out in 2018 which focused on inspiring young children to get interested in music and in the violin in particular. She is regularly involved in charity work. Her musical artistry is being compared to that of Vanessa Mae, David Garrett or André Rieu. She is an active performing artist in Hungary and worldwide.

Recognition and Awards[edit]

2016 – received title of Guest Entertainer, granted for the first time ever to a female Hungarian violinist 2018 – her name appeared in the Britishpedia publication entitled: Successful Professionals in Hungary 2019 – received a Cultural Award from the Brand Tester Theme Park recognizing her unique violin performance style which offers a valuable and inspirational experience to audiences, making classical and other types of music more enjoyable to the listening communities


  • Miles of Styles album


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