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Ben Yennie, Producer's Representative

Ben Yennie: Born: January 26, 1987 Birthplace: Steamboat Springs, CO Schooling: Colorado Film School and Academy of Art University.

Summary: Ben Yennie is an American Producer’s Rep, Author, and Entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology and film. He’s written 3 books to date[1][2][3], co-founded a film oriented project management company called ProductionNext[4], and has also worked in marketing and distribution on more than 12 feature films, generally receiving the title of executive producer. [5] He is also known as a blogger [6] [7], and event organizer. [8]

Producers Rep: In 2014 Ben founded Guerrilla Rep Media, a producer’s representation firm. [9] Some of the films he’s worked on have been released theatrically, and shown on outlets such as Starz and Showtime [5][10]. He is best known for "Goodland", "Cicada Moon", and "The Restaurant"[11]. Author: Ben is the author of The Guerrilla Rep, American Film Market Distribution Success on no budget.[1] The book is currently in its second edition. Debbie Brubaker UPM of Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, and Gus Van Sant’s When We Rise [12] wrote the preface. Academy award nominated producer Marc Smolowitz [13] wrote the forward. This book has been used as a text at multiple film schools.

Ben also wrote the State of the Film Industry Report [3][14], which was a first of its kind report on the macroeconomics of the film industry. Data was gathered with the help of Indiewire[15] Stage32, and Fandor. [15] Ben is also the author of "The Entrepreneurial Producer, Volume 1", which is a collection of his blogs on the Business of Film. [2] Ben is also an active blogger covering the topics of Film Packaging, Financing, Marketing and Distribution, on the blog for Guerrilla Rep Media [6], as well as more general film industry information on the ProductionNext blog. [7] ProductionNext. In 2015, Ben co-founded a project management company called ProductionNext.[4] ProductionNext is a cloud-based project management system specifically designed for independent film. [16]


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