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            A toxin found in bee venom can destroy HIV while leaving normal cells unharmed. Scientists at washington university, school of medicine found that MELITTIN a peptide from bee sting venom physically destroys the HIV. It shows anti viral activity against HIV and other viruses.

             It destroys HIV by creating holes in the protective viral envelope that surrounds virus. Free melittin in large enough quantities can cause considerable damage to cells. Therefore, researchers used special nanoparticles that can carry melittin toxin. These nanoparticles target only the HIV virus while leaving the healthy cells unharmed.Melittin fuses with the virainl envelope and ruptures it destroying the viral shell. Melittin attacks the viral core structure and kills the infection before it spreads. Melittin attacks double layered membranes which many viruses including Hepatitis B and C viruses that have protective envelopes. These viruses would also be vulnerable to melittin loaded nanoparticles.

            Melittin loaded nanoparticles are shown to be effective in killing tumor cells. They can prevent cancer cells from spreading without harming patients. Researchers used venom toxin to treat breast cancer and melanoma in laboratories.


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