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Basti Khabar[edit]

Basti Khabar (India)[edit]

Basti Khabar is a news website and online news e-paper published by the Basti Khabar Private Limited, a non-profit Indian company. It was founded in 2018 by editors Rajan Chaudhary, Dr. S. K. Singh, and Brahmdev Pandey, who also initially funded the site. Basti Khabar Private Limited has provided Basti Khabar with funding as well, and at least some of the website's articles have been written pro-bono.

Basti Khabar's coverage principally focuses on the topics of "politics, foreign policy, political economy, science and development", Society Crime, according to an article published on Bastikhabar.online. Founding editor Rajan Chaudhary claims that the publication was created as a "platform for independent journalism", and that its non-corporate structure and funding sources aim to free it from the "commercial and political pressures" that supposedly afflict mainstream Indian news outlets.

Main Information[edit]

Main About Basti Khabar
Type of site Journalism, news, analysis
Available in Hindi, English
Headquarters Rudhauli Nagar Panchayat, ward

7 Shantinagar, Rudhauli Bazar Rudranagar, Basti Uttar Pradesh 272151

Owner Basti Khabar Pvt. Ltd.
Website Basti Khabar
Launched 30 Oct 2018