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Bani Pasricha a Celebrity Fashion Designer hails from the Capital city of India , New Delhi . She has been spreading her label across boundaries since 2010, thereby captivating Minds through her unique Designs. Her label is sold under her name itself. She grabbed the knowledge of Fashion from London College of Fashion. Bani has catered various events to name a few Cannes 2019, India Beach Fashion week, India Fashion Week-London, Pop street Delhi, India Runway Week, Runway Bridal and many others.


Though Bani was a Science Graduate her experiments with colors and glamour drew her towards the world of fashion. In order to intensify her passion, she initiated her study of ‘fashion journalism’ from ‘London College of Fashion’. Her education from London proved to be a turning point in her life where she learned establishing her label.

On her arrival back to Delhi, (2011) she intended to bring her knowledge from the university to light. She stepped the Native land with bagful of ideas, confidence and her unwavering determination to fulfill her passion and be a part of the Fashion  Industry.


Bani’s Collection is a blend of Indian wear and Fusion wear that caters the need of modern woman. Bani takes her  inspiration of the unique designs from the elements of nature and infuses it into contemporary and glamorous silhouettes that makes the label even more unique. Nature, she believes embraces humanity without discrimination. She also finds everything in nature to be in abundance. Love, warmth, care, Purity, freedom, security are all present in abundance. She believes that human clothing should make the human body feel fulfilled. She holds a never-ending love for nature. Although, Bani’s label has an unconventional essence but it roots back to the Indian heritage. Her designs speak of her aesthetic sense.

She majorly uses subtle colors as the base for garments and then infuses various textures, details, cut-outs, patch-works and thread-works.

The uniqueness of her work has been liked by eminent people across the globe. She is especially known for her Resort and Cocktail wear Collection.

She describes the underlying theme of the label as “A vintage art piece with a contemporary soul”. What Bani designs and infuses in her collections is ‘Beyond what’s Trending’. She does not follow any particular trend but creates her own  trend with a vision that is first formed in her mind. Her idea of curating garments is that they can be worn at various occasions rather than at any particular event. The garments are not Time-Specific.

Thus, Bani creates ‘art pieces’ which do not extinct with time.


* Bani’s project with ‘Indo French Chamber of Commerce’ was the first step towards a staircase of success.  Her theme for the event was ‘Beach wedding’. She also exhibited ‘Fusion Evening Gowns’.

Her Flight to the road of success took-off from there on.

* Bani later showcased her Collection at Multi Designer store launch - Kashish Infiore in Mumbai.

Gradually ‘Bani Pasricha’ became a Label, that gained interests from various Fashion weeks happening around the globe.

* Bani  presented her collection at the ‘India Beach Fashion Week’. The collection she launched was named as ‘GREEK GODDESS’. The collection received its inspiration from the beauty of the ‘GREEK GODDESS’ and the power that ‘Woman’ is blessed with. She infused the two and created a contemporary art form presented in the Gown.[1]

* Her collection exhibited at the ‘India Fashion Week’  (2017) in London which was hosted by ‘Platinum group in London’, proved to be a great hit. She named the collection as ‘ENCHANTED’. This prepossessing collection traces its base to the magical enchanted land of Unicorns and Dragonflies.

* The Stand Alone Launch of another collection ‘Royal Romance’ at the ‘Oberoi, New Delhi’ was another great success in her career. The collection comprised of colours like- ‘British Pink’, ‘Pristine White’ with pleated bell and balloon sleeves which was made in Organic Cotton Fabric. Riya Subodh, Mtv top model wore her collection. Her Makeup partner was Vidya Tikari, one of the best artists from the makeup industry.

* ‘India Fashion Week - LONDON’ (2018) witnessed a new collection from Bani[2]. She took a bold step at this juncture to amaze the audience by her collection which included bold colors like Red and Midnight Blue which she infused with elements from nature to ravish the ramp uniquely. This collection was named ‘RITZY’.

* Bani participated in the Pop street (Delhi) Show which was for a Social Cause.

* She also participated in the exhibition ‘Runway Bridal’ hosted by Ramola Bachchan.

* Tito’s (GOA) honoured Bani as the grand finale Designer for ‘Miss India 2018 cocktail wear’. She designed outfits for all the finalists contestants.

* Recently Bani launched her collection at the Cannes Film Festival  2019.

The theme for the Show was ‘FUSION’

Bani presented Sari which is one of the most understated elegant pieces in history of Royal Indian Fashion on an International stage . She intended to bring cocktail saree in a contemporary theme for a global appeal . Her Collection named- ROYAL SAGA, is inspired by regal jewels and traditional couture work of India , beautifully intertwined with English pastel colors ,accentuating that verve for a global aesthetic appeal .

Store Location[edit]

The brand has a flagship store situated in the southern part of New Delhi.[3] Exclusive pieces of Her label are also carried by other retailers situated in India as well as Selective international retailers .



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